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September 25, 2015, by Deena @Shoes to Shiraz

Today we are featuring Sheila from Making the Most of Every Day
You can take peak into her world on her on Facebook page.


Other than blogging, what do you do for a living ? When it's time to check the box for profession, I always check "homemaker" because that's my primary job. Although this is never an option on those forms, "homeschool teacher" is a close second.  I {try} to drop everything else and do that first. For paid jobs, I have several that I do, most of them falling under the broad and non-descriptive title of "consultant."        

Are you married?  What marriage advice would you give to a couple getting married?  What have you learned? I am married and very happily so. So happily that it sometimes feels like we are still young and innocent, without all the baggage that 24 years of marriage and three kids bring. What we've learned would fill many blog posts but one thing I would share today is "to work at it". I find that some couples stop doing that and they end up drifting apart. Relationships take time so you *must* invest time into your relationship.  Go on dates.  Talk.  Dream. Travel together.  
 What has been the biggest challenge with blogging?  What has been the most rewarding outcome of blogging? My biggest challenge with blogging is finding the time to learn all there is to learn. There's so much I want to do to my blog but if I take the time to investigate, try, experiment then I'm not actually writing blog posts.    

 Who is your favorite blogger and why? One of my favorite bloggers, currently, is Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy. Not only does she blog about things I'm interested in {books}, but she also blogs about her life so I feel that I've gotten to know her. She's not just a source of information, but I feel like she's someone I could be friends with if we lived in the same town. Another of my favorite bloggers has actually stopped blogging and I miss her terribly! I admire her for doing it; she had really good reasons for choosing to stop. And even though I don't know her in real life, I still miss her blog posts. I liked her for the same reason I like Anne's blog. She blogged about DIY stuff but she also shared of herself and I felt like I knew her. {Her blog is I Am Momma Hear Me Roar). Thankfully she is still on Instagram and I can watch her kids grow up.   

What is your style “uniform”? I tend to wear jeans and tops. For tops I alternate between button down shirts and t-shirts. Since participating in the GYPO Style Challenges, I've learned to "dress up" that uniform a bit:  wearing a dressier shoe (boots in the winter, wedges in the summer), and a statement necklace or a scarf (light in summer, heavier in winter). In the fall/winter I also add a layering piece. It used to just be a coat, vest or sweatshirt but now it's a blazer, cardigan, or jean's jacket. It doesn't take much to change an outfit from blah to cute!        

Which fashion trend do you currently love? I am currently in love with stripes. And to be honest, I cannot say “currently” because I’ve always loved stripes. I’m just happy that the designers are in love with stripes so that I can buy more stripes for my wardrobe. I currently have 2 dresses, 1 long sleeved and 4 short sleeves. That doesn’t sound like that much. Maybe I need to go shopping…      
What is your ideal date night? Any time with my honey is a good date night unless it’s something sad like moving a kid to college. And honestly, even that was good; it beats doing it alone! Some of my favorites are dinner at a nice restaurant, supper club, and wine and cheese night. I also like going for bike rides together or running together. Or shopping :)

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