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October 16, 2015, by Daily Style Finds

Today, we are featuring Shaunacey from Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy. 
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1. Do you have any children? 
What parenting advice would you give to a someone having a new baby?
I have two beautiful and busy children whom I love with all my heart. Having recently had a baby (July 2015), my best advice is to talk to other moms. There is nothing else that will make you feel more normal and less crazy! It's invaluable!

2. Are you married? What marriage advice would you give to a couple getting married? What have you learned?
Yes, I'm married to a wonderful and very patient man (lucky for me). My best advice to a couple getting married: always remember why you fell in love and make time for you as a couple.  Once children enter the mix things can get 'tense' (for lack of a better word). Life gets busy and it's easy to get lost in the daily routine and the long lists of to-dos. The times when you have little time are the times it's most important to make 'couple time' even if that means just a few minutes of intentional conversation, a few stolen hugs or kisses, or some kind words for no reason other than to just be kind. Small things and time will make a huge difference in what can be a very challenging time in a relationship.

3. What inspired you to start blogging?

I started blogging because, after a year home with my daughter, I felt like I needed to spend some time on myself. I had come to rely on workout clothes as my entire wardrobe and I wasn't feeling my best. I wanted a place to document what I was feeling and how I attempted to get some sense of style back in my life.

4. What has been the biggest challenge with blogging? What has been the most rewarding outcome of blogging?
The biggest challenge with blogging is finding the time. I really do find it fun creating new posts and reading and commenting on other people's blogs; however, life usually gets in the way of me feeling on top of my ever-growing blog to-do list. The most rewarding outcome of blogging, without a doubt, it the friendships I have made. The Blended Blog is a great example of what I've gained from blogging. All of us ladies 'met' because we are all bloggers and somehow found each other. I've formed some very real and treasured friendships that I am so grateful for.

5. What is your favorite style season (fall, spring, summer, winter) and why?
FALL! I love fall in general and the fashion is no exception. To me fall means layering, cute boots, sweaters/jackets and scarves! So many options and ways to mix and match!! Now I'm excited for some shopping!

6. Do you like to dine-out or stay-in and cook dinner? And, what is your favorite meal or restaurant?
I really love dining out and cooking. There's nothing like a delicious meal created by someone else and no clean-up. Having said that, when I'm able to actually find the time to really cook a meal (not just whip something up quick) it's such a feeling a pride when you sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labor (which are then usually thrown on the floor by your toddler lol).

7. What is your ideal date night?
ANYthing that involves a babysitter home with the children!!! Yes, my answers are biased by the fact that I'm currently home with my newborn and toddler. I love them both dearly but a date night, any date night, needs to be in my not so distant future!

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