Fall Make-up

November 03, 2015, by Nicole

I love all things Fall, and all things Make-up so I'm super excited to be writing this blog post! While I enjoy the weather summer brings, fall is my fave season and I love changing not only my wardrobe, but my cosmetics as well.

Here are some of my favourite make-up pieces for fall:

For Eyes:

My friend Angela told me about this palette, and honestly it’s amazing. I love that it’s all Matte, no shine (for us ladies over 30 this is fantastic). All of the neutral & fall colours  - it’s perfect!! It also includes step-by-step guides for different looks and smokey eyes.The burgandy/pink colours are the perfect compliment for fall.


This eyebrow pencil changed my life. Seriously people – it’s amazing.  Fuller Eyebrows are still in, so get at it.


I'm not sure about you, but in the fall my tan has faded and I look all pasty, so bronzer or blush is a must. I received this bronzer in my IPSY bag a few months ago and LOVE it, it blends amazing and is matte, so no sparkle.


I've gone old school for my fall lip colour – this nude/brown colour reminds me of my Toast of New York days (circa 1995 anyone?). I’m channelling my inner Kardashian I realize, but I really do love it.

Berry lips are also great for fall. (I save red for winter), and I really like this one :

The last thing on my list is more a wish list (someone please tell my husband). I need this contouring kit in my life. My cousin who recently got married wore it, and honestly I wanted it just for the pretty packaging, but then I saw it on her (and saw how it photographed) and have been coveting it since.

Do you change your make-up each season? What are your favourite make-up trends for fall? I'd love to hear!


Nicole is a contributor to The Blended Blog ,when Nicole isn't writing on her blog Nick and Nik she can be found running around with her 4 girls or photographing weddings. If all else fails she's parked in front of her T.V watching Netflix with coffee in hand.