New Year, New Lipstick

January 04, 2016, by Christy

Happy New Year from the Blended Blog!

With the beginning of the new year comes a new series, 'New Year, New ??'.  Over the next few weeks, some of us will be sharing something new that we are doing/using/wearing for the new year.  Today I will be sharing my new lipstick with you.  While I'd like to tell you that I was gifted the lipstick.  I picked out these bad boys all on my own!

I am not a makeup girl.  I repeat, I am not a makeup girl, but I love, love, LOVE my Nars lipsticks.  I don't even know when my love began but since I discovered it, I've never looked back.  I only buy Nars.  It meets my 3 criteria when it comes to lipstick:

1.  Great colors with lots of selection.
2.  Stays on for a long time.
3.  Doesn't stick to your teeth.

Check. Check. Check.

I usually put my make-up on for work about 6:30am.  I go to work, eat breakfast, have coffee, and then go to the gym over lunch.  Most days, you can still see my lipstick after my workout.  Now that is staying power.

It isn't just any of the Nars lipsticks I wear, it is the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil and the Pure Matte Lipsticks that I favor.  The one disadvantage of the lip pencil is that you need to sharpen it, which I think is silly.  They should have just put it in an normal lipstick tube.  So... you need to splurge and buy a sharpener for $8 with your first purchase.

The Walkyrie Lip Pencil is my go to for weekends and kid outings.  You can tell I am wearing lipstick, but it isn't in your face.  I feel comfortable wearing it to the rink first thing in the morning or even with sweatpants.  It is subtle, but still visible.

My go to color for the office has been the Amsterdam Pure Matte Lipstick.  It is in the red family I would say, but a deeper red, not a bright red.  I will wear this color on the weekend if we go to another families for dinner or out and about to the mall. I will not wear this to the rink - it is to out there for me first thing in the morning. Maybe for a later game, but I would probably still sway towards the Walkyrie above.

My newest color is Volga in the Pure Matte Lipstick family.  It is a deep purple.  I tried this color a year or two ago and I thought it was too much. Now that I wear lipstick everyday I like it way more.  It isn't so daring.  I find it similar to the Amsterdam but more purply instead of red.

While I was trying on the different colors, I also found myself drawn to the nude colors like Peloponnese and Light Apricot.

And there you have it, a quick lipstick lesson from a self proclaimed non make-up gal!

What I need from you is recommendations for an eye-liner for beginners. I would really like to start using one on my upper lid but am clueless on where to start.  To be perfectly honest, I am terrified of liquid eyeliners but I keep buying pencils and just can't get it right.  Any tips?

Christy is a regular contributor for the Blended Blog and maintains her personal blog, RSquared.  She is also a working mom to 2 boys and a wife to James.  She loves everything to do with family, friends, fashion, fitness... and wine!