New Year, New ME!

January 20, 2016, by Katie {The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life}

The new year is a great time to re-evaluate life. I've made goals and resolutions in the past, but these always tend to fizzle out, way sooner than I'd like them to. This year I decided, to make non-resolutions, things I'm not going to do anymore this year. You can read more about them here!

As I thought about what I wanted to post for my New Year, New________ here at The Blended Blog, I was stumped. But I realized this year, I want to be the best version of me that I can be.

With the cold weather, comes the me who hibernates and gets lazy. I want to get out of this rut that I'm in. So I thought about the little changes I can make to my life for the better. I've decided to make small changes to help me better manage my time and help me stay more on top of things. Because with just a few extra minutes a day, the week will run smoother! 

Basically, it's a New Year, New ME!!

Living alone, I'll admit, I sometimes get complacent. No one's coming over...I can leave those dishes in the sink (or in the dishwasher, as the case may be). Or I can let that load of laundry stay in the basket for a little while longer!

Laundty is my biggest downfall!  Typically Sunday is my laundry day! Surprisingly enough, I enjoy doing laundry! It's the putting away part that I don't enjoy. I've actually gone a whole week picking out clean clothes from the laundry basket, to avoid putting them away. I realize this is bad! But now I've been more diligent about putting the clothes away. Usually right before bed.
Nine times out of ten, it's always folded, this time it wasn't...and I actually posted this to insta!

Look at the comment...why has it taken me a year to realize I had a problem?

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The same is true with clean dishes in the dishwasher. To avoid emptying the dishwasher, I'll just take the clean ones out each time. I know...I know...can I BE any lazier? But I've realized it takes me one listen of Adele's Water Under the Bridge, and the dishwasher's empty.

I also tend to neglect me mail. I hardly ever go out to get it unless I know something's in the box and then, I'll often let it go...Who doesn't let THAT pile up?? I throw it in the mail basket (in my laundry room) and then inevitably forget about it. I've decided that I now have to go to the mailbox everyday and open the mail right away! I throw away what I don't need and, if I get a bill, I schedule that payment right away online. All too often I'd missed a payment here and there, or lose the bill, so I would just end up paying a random amount!! That was not a good idea!!

Some other little things I've been doing lately:
  • I've been closet, my guest room, my bedroom... and getting rid of things I really don't need!
  • All to often over the holidays, I'd throw things in the guest room and shut the door. I've decided I want this room to be more of an office, so I've begun taking steps to do this. I am also THIS close to biting the bullet and getting a storage unit, mostly for the Christmas stuff that's overtaking the room. HA!
  • Look around the living room and put things away before turning in for the night!

I've also been trying to get to bed earlier and wake up earlier. Hitting snooze less and getting right up to get my coffee. Truth be told, I've been taking my coffee back to bed while I read a bit or just think. but at least I'm up and actually enjoying it. Rather than drinking it while I rush to get my makeup on. Lana's post last week really spoke to me. I am trying to enjoy the mornings more.  Oh and making the bed!!

To some,  these things might be a little silly or something you do every day! But for me, it's a step in the right direction toward self improvement, positive habits and an easier year ahead!!

Hope 2016 finds you being your best too!!

Katie is a regular contributor to The Blended Blog. When she's not blogging, she's laughing.  She spends her days as a teacher-librarian  to "her" 300 kids in her hometown on Long Island, New York.  She enjoys online shopping, fun nights out with friends, or in, binge-watching Netflix and drinking wine. Follow along with her at The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life.