New Year, New Workout!

January 26, 2016, by Sheila DelCharco

We are well into January and maybe your resolutions (plans? ideas? desires? whatever you want to call them...) to get fit have started slipping. Maybe you live where it's cold. Really REALLY cold and you don't want to go outside to run or walk. And perhaps you've grown tired of your usual routine at your local gym. You know you need to do something active but you're bored with the same ol' same ol'.

Have you tried a barre workout? Here's a workout you can try at home.

If you like it then see if there's a Pure Barre studio near you. It is a low-impact, high intensity workout focusing on very tiny isometric movements. You do not have to be a ballerina (or look like one) to do a barre workout. It can be done by people of all shapes, sizes, ages and gender. It's a great full-body workout - strengthening and stretching the muscles - which will complement any other type of workout.
I'm a runner, but doing Pure Barre the last month has helped with tightness in my hamstrings and glutes which also helps with my plantar fasciitis, making me a better runner. It has also increased my core strength and overall flexibility.
 Shorts and an exposed midriff are not allowed so if you do go to a studio, you should wear leggings, yoga pants or capris. Most of the ladies wear a tank but I've also worn fitted tshirts. Also required are socks - sticky Pure Barre socks are what all the ladies wear in my classes. (I just wear regular socks.) The sticky part helps keep your feet from sliding.
The studio provides all the equipment you'll need so all you need to bring is yourself clad in the correct clothing and a bottle of water. You can leave keys, phone, wallet/purse, shoes  When you walk into the studio, you will see what equipment you'll need for that day's class: a stretchy band, small rubber ball and/or hand weights. At the end of class, we wipe down "everything red" with a wet wipe.
Have I mentioned the teeny tiny movements? At first it's hard to tell exactly what part is moving. Often the movements are "up an inch, down an inch" and at first you don't feel anything. But after a few minutes of these small movements, the focus area begins to burn and often the area will quiver or shake. This is good! It means that the muscle is reaching fatigue which translates into a long, lean muscle. After the shake, you will be able to stretch the muscle while it is still warm. The total body workout focuses on your seat, thighs, abs and arms, running you through each part for a total of 55 mins.

So if you are looking for something different this New Year, try a New Workout!

And if you want some support getting healthy this new year, consider joining a health challenge. The one for January is wrapping up but there's talk about one in February. Follow along on my blog to find out more!

Sheila is a regular contributor for The Blended Blog.  She is a mother, homeschool teacher and lives an inspired life.  She blogs at Making the Most of Every Day