Featured on Fridays: Karla

February 05, 2016, by Sheila DelCharco

Today we are featuring Karla from Roads to Everywhere
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Other than blogging, what do you do for a living (profession)?

I currently work full-time for Sonlight Curriculum as a homeschool curriculum advisor.

Are you married? What marriage advice would you give to a couple getting married? What have you learned? 

I have a great marriage! We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary last fall... and it still feels like we're newlyweds in many ways. My husband is truly my best friend, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I recently wrote a post about how important communication and compromise are in our marriage: http://roadstoeverywhere.com/2016/01/26/compromising-in-marriage/
What is your greatest unfulfilled ambition?

I have aspirations of writing a novel. I’m working on a coming-of-age story set in Oklahoma during the Great Depression, inspired by my Grandmother’s letters and diary.
What hobbies do you have other than blogging?

I travel every chance I get… and read voraciously… and write as much as I can. I also enjoy crocheting and knitting for relaxation.

What has been the biggest challenge with blogging? 

I find it challenging to be consistent with my blogging. I tend to blog in spurts. Lately I've been working on trying to stick to a schedule, and it seems to work better some weeks than others.

What is your style “uniform”? 

In general I tend to gravitate toward classics rather than trends. Lately I've found myself drawn more toward the "bohemian" style, with long flowing skirts and drapey scarves. So a typical "uniform" these days might be a long skirt with layered tops (during the winter) or a simple t-shirt (in the summer) with a coordinating scarf or shawl.
What is your favorite (or dream) vacation destination? 

I actually have a bucket list of road trips, not destinations.
  • Historic Route 66 from Chicago to California, staying on the old highway whenever possible.
  • The Florida Keys
  • The Alaska Highway
  • New England in the fall
You can read more about Karla here.