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March 29, 2016, by Deena @Shoes to Shiraz

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 [dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast week we did the pattern and neutral look: we had so many awesome options!

[Tweet "welcome to the week of the bright pant- make sure you head on over to The Blended Blog to see what Shaunacey has to say about her prompt"] and also to see here who linked up and had the most clicks.  Fun fact, did you know that you can link up one of your  Instagram pics to our linkup? Yup, just add the URL from your #theblendedblogstyle post and voilà, it's there for all to see!  Now, back to the bright pant.

I actually took these pictures on the day that Abbie and I met to take her photos for last week.  I don't typically take my red pants into my spring/summer rotation because they just seem like that perfect thing to pair with freshly fallen snow. And while (cross my fingers, knock on wood) it's looking more and more like spring right now, this is likely the last time I will wear them for the year.


 I can't remember where I got my inspiration- it was a blogger and I should of wrote it down. Ah well.  But I wanted to do the black, white and red and decided to try the look out with a striped shirt.  Normally, I would gravitate to a graphic tee or just black with red.....update- I remembered where I saw the colours was a post that Laura did on I do deClaire.  I started the look with just the striped shirt and jeans, but then I didn't feel like it was dressed up enough for my classroom, so I added a blazer.  Here is my version of black, red and white:



I went with my Halogen tuxedo blazer from Nordstrom - that was one of my favourite finds on our last girls' trip to Calgary.  Also, these shoes are the shoes that get the most compliments from my students.  Maybe because they're a bit strange? The shoes, that is.  They're a black and white tweed bootie loafer...boafer? lootie? by Dirty Laundry.  These also get retired to storage in the spring and summer because they are so very wintery.


  Topping off the look with pearls and red lips.  Other things that I like that are red? Wine.IMG_1762

A word about the red pants, if I may? The brand is Celebrity pink and they are the comfiest denim I own and the price point is awesome too, under 50$.  I found them in store at Simons (duh) and I just found them online here (I had to do a super close up on her butt to see the tag- oh the butts we study for research) but after some super-sleathing on the webs, I found them at Macy's on sale here , but they are junior, so I'm not sure how sizes would be.   I love these pants sooo much, that I had a pair 4 years ago and gave them to my cousin, Renée and then could never find a pair that was the same, so I bought them again, but in a different size- yay!  So that's that on my celebrity pink love....I may or may not be putting some more spring/summer friendly colours in my panier chez Simons...

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  1. Living on Cloud NineMarch 29, 2016 at 10:31 PM

    LOVE that you did red!! red is just like your color and with black and white, classy, classy , classy!!!! The red lip..oooh la la...PRETTY!!

  2. Those red pants are so cute and I love them styled with the stripes and blazer! Such a cute preppy look!

    Doused In Pink

  3. I'm pinning that last photo. It needs to be all over pinterest, because it's a great outfit, and because you are so pretty:) And those shoes get a lot of compliments because they are pretty sweet shoes.

  4. Love this look!! And no!!!! Why retire these?? You can wear them more!! Love it with the blazer too!!!!

  5. I love the red pants with the striped top & the blazer! Great look!

  6. Red pants and stripes, perfection in my book! I love that blazer and the point that it makes (at least it looks like that). Of course all of your shoes I love, that goes without saying...

  7. Now I want red pants. I love these colors together and this look is so strong, and pretty, and YOU. Plus, the shoes are amazing.

  8. Red white and black is a great combo. I can't wait to get to Simons in June!

  9. SO cute! I really want to get some bright pants but can never find any long enough :(. I keep trying though. The red looks great on you.

  10. GORGEOUS!! I would like to be you please. The end.

  11. Perfectly styled! Love the red pants with stripes + you w/Abbie = divine!

  12. The red lip is my favourite part!

  13. The blazer and stripes definitely take it up a notch! Thanks, Jill!

  14. Thanks...we could have been twins, I'll bring out my moto jacket next time

  15. You should have red, but your pink was pretty awesome today!

  16. ya, it has cool lines in the front, that's one of the best parts about it

  17. Abbie makes me feel pretty because she is impossible to not smile with.

  18. Ah, the curse of the long legs! I have the opposite problem.

  19. I want that exact outfit. I think I can style one similar from stuff in my closet. Maybe I'll put it on next week's work list. GASP. Let's not talk about work yet. 4 more days to veg!

  20. Okay, if my red pants fit, I would totally be copying your look! Love!

    Making the Most of Every Day

  21. I was looking for this post yesterday and couldn't find it and then had to adult... ugh. YAY red pants, they look fan-freaking-tastic on you!! I Seriously need another pair... shopping list for Vegas?!

    Simply Shaunacey

  22. Deena, you have the best sense of style. Honestly, I could never pull those shoes off, yet when I see them in your picture I thought, "I love, I wish. I want." I really like this outfit because you can wear it causal, as a mommy or a coffee date, and for work with that blazer, which I feel is a perfect staple for a work wardrobe. I also really like the pearl necklace and bright red lips you added to pull everything together. Also, this post reminded me that I need to find a new stripped top because mine has a pin-sized hole in it.

  23. Diggin' the red here, doll- and you look gorgeous in a bright lip!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  24. I am loving your red pants look - it is classy, professional - and a little fun!

    Daily Style Finds

  25. I love this whole combo! The lipstick and the pearls make it so classy, beautiful! :) btw if you're ever in Calgary again, come visit me!! We can have a shopping date :)

  26. I'm over adulting. Let's go to Vegas tomorrow.

  27. Ugh, let's not start talking about work next week. Can't wait to see you tomorrow.

  28. I may start wearing red more...I rarely do

  29. The bold red lips were the PERFECT finishing touch for this look. It's fun for a date night or night on the town with the girls!


  30. Yep yep! You should come down for the stampede! :D

  31. You are rocking those pants girl! And I am drooling over those adorable booties! I am already trying to justify another pair of shoes in my head now. ;) Thanks for the shout out! It's so fun how you can take inspiration from something and turn it into something completely your own!

  32. Lovely photos! Such a great way to rock the color! Loving the blazer layered over the striped tee, and the pearls add such charm. You're lovely!

    All the Cute
    Latest Post: Patchwork Print Romper

  33. Love the bright red pants! it's funny I have a pair of red pants but I'm just waiting for the weather to cool down so I can wear them, haha! It's autumn here in Brisbane but the summer temperatures are continuing! I'm worried it's going to suddenly switch to being really cold, ha! At least I'll be able to wear my jeans though!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  34. Oh I like the red and stripes and blazer. Red is a good color for pants, lips, and wine.

  35. deena.simair@gmail.comApril 2, 2016 at 2:14 PM





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