Friday Feature: Suzanne

April 22, 2016, by My New Happy

Happy Friday, friends!  It's Lana from Two Teens And Their Mama, and today I'm beyond excited to introduce you to Suzanne Carillo.  She's one of my very favorite bloggers - and big surprise - she's Canadian!  I seem to be drawn to all the Canadian bloggers.  I almost got to meet her in Vancouver last summer, but another vacation got in the way.  Someday it will happen!

Not only is Suzanne gorgeous, but she's witty, funny and creative, and has the loveliest sense of style.  If you aren't already reading her blog, what are you waiting for?  Start with two of Suzanne's favorite posts:  Choose Your Style Statement and How To Wear A Velvet Jacket, and you'll be hooked.  You can also follow her on Instagram.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Creative, funny (hopefully), quirky.

What is something that people might be surprised to know about you?
I met my husband while studying French in Montpellier, France 26 years ago. He is from Nice.  A promise was made to speak French every other day at home so I don't lose it.

What hobbies do you have other than blogging?
I adore vintage clothing.  My husband and I often dress up for parties in authentic vintage outfits.  I'm lucky as my husband likes fashion as much as I do.  In fact he owns almost as many pairs of shoes as I do and we are constantly battling over closet space.

I have gone to chef's school and used to be a cake decorator.

I make one-of-a-kind jewelry and often create clothing transformation DIY's for my blog.

I'm always baking or cooking something and will often create my own recipes.

I have been creating "theme nights" for years like our Oscar Party evening.  The blog provides a venue for sharing all the effort I put into creating a special evening.

I am an avid thrifter and try to avoid retail shopping.  I haven't been able to cure myself of one last retail weakness, Anthropologie which is still my favourite retail store.

Other than blogging, what do you do for a living (profession)?
I previously owned a wholesale business where I created, manufactured and distributed scrapbooking products for 8 years called Bisous Scrapbooks.

I am an illustrator/artist and have licensed some of my designs to other companies.

I have an Etsy store where I sell some of my creations and also give a free monthly printable gift if you have subscribed to my blog.

What has been the most rewarding outcome of blogging?
Without a doubt it is the friendships and connections I have made.  Many times I have thought of quitting blogging but every time it is those friendships and connections that keep me coming back.

I organized an over 40 blogger meet up last year in Vancouver with two other bloggers and we had people from all over the world attend.  It was a blast!

What is your favourite style season (fall, spring, summer, winter) and why?
I live in Toronto, Canada, so for 4-6 months of the year we suffer through winter, which I HATE!  It doesn't really matter what you're wearing because whatever it is will be covered up with some bulky coat and massive boots.  So when spring comes around I am very happy to shed some of that winter weight, literally and figuratively and wear only light jackets and show off my style sense.  I feel like a butterfly bursting through my chrysalis each spring.

What is your favourite (or dream) vacation destination?
I am turning 50 this year and had my heart set on going to Namibia for an African safari.  I have to see if the budget and the stars align so I get my birthday wish.  It is on my bucket list.




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