Spring Fever: Taking your workouts outside

April 25, 2016, by Christy

If you are like me, after a long winter of indoor workouts, you crave getting outside and enjoying the fresh air that comes with spring.  For the past 6 months my workouts have consisted of working out at the gym on the stair climber (my new favorite!) and running on the treadmill.  I might throw in some abs, but only if my gym buddy suggests it.  Outdoor workouts have been off the radar for several; months... until now.

As the weather changes, so does my workout attitude.  I want fresh air, I want sunshine!  I feel like getting outside on my lunch break and enjoying the weather makes me a happier person and probably more productive as well.  Here are a few ways that I am taking my workouts outside this spring.

{one}  Lunch time runs.  When the forecast outside looks good, I head outside for a run instead of hitting up the gym.  I can run much longer if I am actually moving and it is even better if I can convince someone to come with me!

{two}  Long walks with friends.  While I do walk outside with one friend all winter, it is easier to convince other gals to walk when the sun is shining.  Per my fitbit, you can get 10,000+ steps on a 1.5 hour walk.  Next time a girlfriend suggests going for dinner or drinks, suggest a walk instead, or walk to the pub instead of driving.  Every step counts!

{three}  Get your family moving.  Just last week, my kids biked to the store for slurpees and I walked.  I could have biked but by walking I got a better work out as I was forced to walk fast, or even run, to keep up!

{four}  Be active while your kids play.  My kids love going to the park just behind our house.  When I go to the park with them I walk around the play structure while they play.  Alternatively you can do step ups on a bench or do jumping jacks.  Truthfully, I only do the last 2 if we are the only ones at the park!

{five}  Be active with your kids.  My kids like playing soccer in the field.  Jump in and play with them instead of watching from the sidelines.  I think I surprised the kids with how good I was.  Dad wasn't the only one who played soccer growing up!

{six}  Walk to run your errands.  Last week I walked to the post office instead of driving.  It took me 40 minutes instead of 5 minutes, but I ended up popping in at the bakery and grabbing a baby gift while I was out.  As an added bonus, I had extra weight to carry on the uphill walk on the way home.

I'm a huge advocate of making health a lifestyle.  Don't exercise because you want to eat an extra big dinner or to have a cupcake, exercise because it makes you feel good.  It makes you stronger. It makes you more confident.

Get out there, grab your music or friend, and enjoy the sunshine.  I promise you won't regret it!

Christy is a regular contributor for the Blended Blog and maintains her personal blog, RSquared.  She is also a working mom to 2 boys and a wife to James.  She loves everything to do with family, friends, fashion, fitness... and wine! 




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