Spring Fever - ways to indulge yourself this Spring

April 11, 2016, by Shaunacey Bonneville

Hey Lovelies, this Spring post is harder to write than I'd like to admit. Why? Because we're still stuck in a winter wonderland over here. Seriously, as I write this there is still snow on the ground... in April. Anyways, I'm going to ignore the snow and frigid temps and share with you some ways to embrace Spring while indulging in a little self-care (I'm a big advocate of self-care and if you're looking a BIG list of self-care activities I wrote a pretty long one HERE). ENJOY and get out there and indulge yourself, You deserve it!

Go for a walk/hike - get outside and breathe in the fresh air. If you're like me, you've been cooped up all winter and are suffering from a mild case of cabin fever. Don't wait until it's super warm and sunny, get out now. Children are optional.

Change up your hair - Spring is all about the 'new' so it's naturally the perfect time for a new 'do (ya, I'm rhymed, just a little Spring poetry for ya). Need some inspiration? Check out Sarah's Hair Challenge. FYI Nicole is a regular participant and has shown some great styles too!

Do yoga outside - there are all kinds of places offering outdoor sessions OR you could throw your mat down in your backyard and get your down-dog on!

Add some color to your wardrobe - embrace the rainbow and get some fun and colorful clothing on! Black and grey are a thing of the past and there are so many fresh colors out there to choose from. Don't worry, if you need some inspiration just check back to our Bright Pants post.

Go for a drive on a sunny day with the windows rolled down and the music blasting - if you've got kids you may want to leave them with someone and enjoy this as a solo venture unless you like listening to "Let it Go" on repeat, if so, then giv'er.

Cook/bake something you've never made before - better yet, get cooking on the BBQ!!! There are so many fun spring-y meal ideas out there, do a quick Google search and get crackin'! Our very own Deena has been cooking her way through her favorite cookbook and inspiring all of us to get trying something new in the kitchen!!

Get a pedicure - is there a better way to embrace the warmer weather than by some pampering and pretty toes? I think not!

Buy/pick yourself flowers - even if the weather hasn't got the Spring-memo yet (like here) you can bring a little Spring inside. Having fresh flowers around the house just makes me happier. EVEN if I have to buy them for myself.

Whatever it is that makes you feel as though you're embracing Spring and indulging yourself, get out and DO IT!!! I'll be here waiting for it to stop snowing.

Shaunacey is a regular contributor for the Blended Blog and you can also find her on her blog, Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy.  Her 2 young children keep her occupied but she always finds time for the important things, like enjoying the snuggles and a good glass of wine.




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