Feature Friday: *That* Susan Williams

May 20, 2016, by Sheila DelCharco

Happy Friday! It's Sheila again, and this time I'm here to share with you my Feature Friday blogger. Susan, from *That* Susan Williams, is a spunky lady whom I know in real life. She and I first met several years ago when we worked together in the Sonlight booth at a homeschooling convention in Atlanta. We hit it off instantly with our mutual love of good food. Fast forward to the B@M 2016 blogging conference where we reconnected and caught up on each other's live. Susan's outgoing personality shines through her blog. She blogs about food, faith and fun and for a sampling of her work, you can check out these posts:

FOOD: this is a salad recipe that has been really popular on her blog.(Looks delicious!)

 FAITH: She wrote this when her firstborn went off to college. (Brought back fresh memories of when I dropped MY firstborn off at college 3 years ago and will repeat again in 3 short months.)Fourteen Years Late For The Big Yellow Bus

FUN: OMG! Just. So. Funny!!!

Vanity Fair 

Not only can you connect with her on her blog, but you can follow her around on Facebook here.

And now...here's Susan!

Are you married? What marriage advice would you give to a couple getting married? What have you learned?

I am married.

What I've learned about marriage is that chemistry is important, and it's important that it be there. But maintaining that kind of white hot heat that drew you together initially would kill both of you. So, in terms of keeping a relationship going long term, it's critical to choose a person whose integrity is rock solid. If you've done that, then it's your job, more than anything else, to have your husband's back, no matter what. I took my time choosing the man I would share my life with, and I'm so glad I did. Life is hard. It's important to choose someone you want to be best friends with, for life - especially for when the hard times come. This summer, we'll be celebrating 29 years, and I can honestly say that I'm just as in love with now, as I was 29 years ago. He's a keeper.

Do you have any children? What parenting advice would you give to a someone having a new baby?

I do. I have a 22 year old son and an 18 year old daughter.

My best parenting advice is to pray a lot and be united with your husband on how you're going to parent, and then, just do it and relax. If you love them, and pray for them, God will teach you how to parent that child.

What is your greatest unfulfilled ambition?

I really want to write a book....some kind of cookbook/devotional book hybrid.

What is something that people might be surprised to know about you?

I live in the woods, (technically, where we live is known as The Boonies) just outside of Nashville, with a husband who is a music-for-advertising Emmy-nominated writer and producer, who works at home, and I have a son and a daughter (both of whom I homeschooled) who both have musical career aspirations. We are super right-brained, and creative.

What has been the biggest challenge with blogging?

My biggest challenge with blogging has been in not wanting to be fenced in.

I write about Food, Faith, and Fun, and am passionate about each!

When it comes to food, I want to share the great recipes that I discover, and things I've learned about cooking through the years, because I truly believe that home cooks in general can do better: we're surrendering our health and our tastebuds for the sake of convenience, and that's just wrong! Life's too short to eat bad food!

But my faith is at the core of who I am, and it's brought me so much peace and joy, and I want to encourage others to enjoy the relationship that the Father in heaven wants to have with them.

The "fun" part of my blog is dedicated to enjoying the abundant life we've been given: whether it's telling a funny story, or spreading the word about fun opportunities that are out there to be enjoyed, I'd like to encourage people, through fun.

What is your style “uniform”?

Well, since I work at home, usually it's writing in my jammies, but I aspire to someday wear yoga pants.
OK....kidding...sort of...
But when I go shopping, or when I go out, I search for classic lines and solid colors, mostly. In general, I know what colors I look good in, and the kind of couture that flatters my body. I have a nice hourglass shape, so I'm mostly looking for the silhouette that a dress/outfit provides. I enjoy standing out, a bit, in an understated way. Is that even possible? I hope so, because it's what I shoot for.

What is your ideal date night?

I love going out with my husband to a really great restaurant.

But very often, we find the food we cook at home to be more delicious. The nice part about going to a restaurant is the lack of effort on our own part, and the honor of being served, and then, not having to clean up. The sad part of eating out is when we're paying a huge tab, and we know we could have done a better job if we'd cooked the meal ourselves, at home. But there are several restaurants in Nashville who have truly delivered stellar culinary experiences that I *couldn't* have reproduced at home. So, when we eat out, it's a very special event, and we usually end up dropping a wad of cash.

Thank you, Susan, for sharing a bit of yourself with us! Readers, check out those links to her blog at *That* Susan Williams! Be prepared to laugh!

Sheila is a regular contributor to The Blended Blog. She likes to pack it in and consequently blogs about many things: friends and family; food and health; fashion and beauty; home and garden. She is a wife, mom, and homeschool teacher who loves books, running, food, travel, and Jesus but *NOT* melted cheese. You can follow her around on Instagram and on her blog: Making the Most of Every Day