May Wrap Up

May 31, 2016, by Sarah

Hopefully most of you are experiencing some nice sunshine and are getting some warmer weather! As always with the end of the month comes our best in blog reviews. So get to clicking and see some things you might have missed!

Lisa shows how to style an all white look and denim jacket. 

 Shaunacey wrote a response to a blog post telling all mommy bloggers that they suck and should quit. She talks about a lot of struggles most bloggers have and spoiler alert: tells you to do what brings you joy.
In honor of Mother's Day and celebrating ourselves, Shaunacey shared some positive affirmations all moms can use.
Sarah has been doing her Hair Challenge for 21 weeks now and she's dishing on what she's learned and her favorite products and what they do.
Sarah realized after searching YouTube that many people don't French Braid the way she does, so she put together a video to show you how she does her French Braid. She hopes it works for you too!
This ended up being one of the most well received and relatable posts Andrea has done. Bloggers love what they do but as with any job, there can be some frustrations too. This post says what many of us feel.
This style prompt was one of Andrea's favorites for our Style Perspectives series. Pairing a blazer with a ball cap and Chuck Taylor's is the ideal outfit for a fun weekend or errands round town. 

 May was a busy month  both on and off the blog!  Katie was busy traveling and spending time with family.  In her only  Monday Moments of Gratitude post this month, she recalled a little bit about both trips! Check it out here!

When she's not blogging, Katie's teaching!  As the school year is coming to a close and taking its' toll, a Throwback Thursday post, reminded her of the reasons she does it all every day! Check it out here!

Leslie's varied attempts at keeping track of life. 

Little miracles and a little baby blessing my life.

In what felt like the blink of an eye, Leslie has gone from full-time wife to her sweet husband, hands-on mom to two beautiful daughters and elementary school librarian to a retired, empty nester with lots of time on her hands. Join her on her journey to rediscover who she is. Glad you are here.