Saturday Feature - Valerie from Maple Leopard

May 14, 2016, by My New Happy

Happy Saturday, friends!  It's Lana, and I'm very excited to introduce our first Saturday featured blogger - Valerie from Maple Leopard.  Valerie is a transplanted Canadian who lives in the Seattle area.  Not far from me! 

She started her lifestyle and fashion blog in 2014, and I've had so much fun reading through and getting to know her better.  Hopefully we'll be able to get together for coffee soon.

Be sure to check out two of her favorite posts, Las Vegas Ultimate Style Guide, and Tips For Styling a Nautical Look.  You can also follow her on Instagram.

Other than blogging, what do you do for a living?  
I'm a teacher.  I teach reading interventions.

Do you have any children?  What parenting advice would you give to someone having a new baby?
Yes, two.  My son is 22 and my daughter is 18.  Savor and appreciate every last minute with your child, it goes so fast!  And...choose your battles.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  I wish I had learned this earlier.
What is your greatest unfulfilled ambition?
Having my own business:  my own fashion label, possibly.  Turning my fashion and travel blog into an inspirational source that also builds income to quit my day job.

What has been the biggest challenge with blogging?
The techy stuff!  It has kicked my butt big time!  I was not raised with technology and I find it so very frustrating some days.  I know my blog is held back a lot because of this.  I do hire out little things here and there, but really can't afford to do it much, so I know my blog could be much further down the road if I could master technology better.

What is your favorite style season and why?
Spring and summer!  I love wearing all the cute sundresses and summer fashion pieces you can't wear in winter.  In the Northwest we don't get much sun, so I love it when I can break out the spring and summer outfits.

What is your favorite (or dream) vacation destination?
My favorite destination is Oahu, HI.  Love to vacay there.  My dream vacation is a fashion trip starting in NYC, then over to Paris, Milan, Madrid, London, and ending in the Greek island.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Ambitious, driven, mentor.

Lana is a regular contributor to The Blended Blog.   These days you can find her working in her hardware business, trying to keep up with her two boys and crazy husband, and blogging at Two Teens And Their Mama.