6 fun activities to do with young kids this summer

June 13, 2016, by Shaunacey Bonneville

For the most part, kids are pretty easy to entertain (most of the time) as long as you're keeping them busy with something they're happy. As a mom, I kinda feel like I'm looped in a Groundhog Day of sorts and that sometimes we're doing the same things over and over and over. I get antsy, the kids get antsy.

I selfishly used this summer series as a way to come up with some fresh ideas for things I can do with my young kiddos this summer but hope you (or someone you know) will be able to benefit from these ideas as well!

6 summer activities young kids

Backyard camping - alright, you could be the adventurous type and take your young children actual camping but believe me when I say this will be a fun alternative (plus, if the bugs are nasty you can move the party indoors lol). We have a plan to do this with our toddler soon and I know she'll get the biggest kick out of it. Plus, one parent can stay inside and mind the littlest.

Make a rainy day kit - no matter how nice the weather is where you live, there's going to be a rainy day or two (and if not, please PM me where you live and I'll get house-hunting asap). Have the kids help create a rainy day kit! This doesn't need to be expensive, you can use things around the house or from the dollar store. Things I'm thinking of for our kit: a movie, books, puzzles, stickers, coloring books and crayons, music for a dance party (we're big fans of dancing) etc. Creating the kit is fun but remembering it's there on a rainy day is even MORE fun (and less work for you that day, figuring out how to entertain the children).

Scavenger hunt - I hope you're fortunate enough to live near a forest and if not, I'm sure you can come up with some other place that would make a great savenger hunt. With young kids, you make up a sheet of things you need to find using words or pictures (I'll stick with pictures for my toddler) and head out to find them. Things you may want to search for: a bird, a maple leaf (that's kind of a Canadian staple), a tree that looks like a Christmas tree, a squirrel or chipmunk etc. Another idea would be to go to a local farm and create a list based on things you might find there.

Berry picking - hopefully you're lucky enough to live near a berry farm like we are. Last year was my first venture out with Annabelle (then 2). I was 8 months pregnant and secretly hopeful the wagon ride my jostle Oliver out (it didn't). Even though my plan to get her brother to make his grand entrance failed, we had a blast and got to take home a basket of delicious strawberries. Double win.

toddler berry picking

Go to a sports game - is there a sport you love and want your kids to love too? Take them to a game! Of course, you need to go with the notion they might not make it all the way through on good behavior (sitting in one seat for 3 hours is not really my toddler's jam) but have as much fun as you can for the time you're there OR, go halfway through so you're not miffed when you have to leave at the bottom of the 8th in a tied game (no, that didn't happen, I'm forecasting my future).

Do a good deed - kids learn from what they see. If they see you helping others they are going to want to do the same. Annabelle has been pointing our garbage on the ground every time we go for a walk (every.single.piece) because I have told her we don't throw garbage on the ground. So, this summer, we are planning to go pick up some garbage together. 

What are some ideas you have for fun activities with younger kids? I need all the suggestions I can get :)

Shaunacey is a regular contributor to The Blended Blog. Quasi-stylish mom, wife and writer. She can be found at her blog Simply Shaunacey, on FacebookInstagram, Twitter or on her back patio clutching for dear life to her coffee (or wine).  




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