Behind the Blogger: Deena, Carrie & Sarah

July 12, 2016, by Deena @Shoes to Shiraz

Welcome back to round two of Behind the Blogger.  Today we're getting to know Carrie from alovelylittlewardrobe, Deena from shoestoshiraz and Sarah from foxysdomesticside.

1. Are you athletic? What kinds of sports did you play?

I am now but growing up I played zero sports. I was a cheerleader...surprise!

I started with figure skating and switched to ringette, I tried soccer and basketball but didn't like them.  I played competitive fastball for 30 years.  I also played volleyball.  I love sports, I may or may not be a little bit competitive.

Some would say I am? I like to think that I can hold my own in any sport, but never played anything in high school. I did a few years of soccer and softball but quite for various reason.  I can throw the football in a perfect spiral pretty much every time…comes with growing up with a brother 9 months younger than you.

2. Favourite chore? Least favourite chore?

I love doing laundry. I hate to dust. 

Is organizing a chore?  I love sitting down with my agenda on Sundays and planning out our meals and everything that needs to be done.  Least favourite is emptying the garbages, I throw up in my mouth a little everytime.

If I have to pick a favorite chore, the least gruesome chore would be dishes. I like the feeling of a clean kitchen at the end of the day. Least favorite would definitely be taking out the trash. I really loath taking out the trash, yuck.

3. What was your first job?


I would say babysitting too, but my first real job was at a Honda dealership where my Dad worked- I was the customer courtesy driver, the car washer and the inventory counter.

My first job, besides babysitting was working at Subway, yep I was a sandwich artist and am fairly certain I still have the uniform. The owner of Subway also owned the Dryers Ice Cream store next door, and the back rooms were connected, so we would switch back and forth between the two. 

4. If you could only see one concert, who would you see?

Randy Rogers Band


I’m not huge into music to the point where I HAVE to see someone. Is that weird? I enjoy music, I like listening to it, but am not dying to go see anyone. I did see N’Sync back in their heyday and I have to say they put on a fantastic show. I just recently saw Pentatonix and their show was freakin’ amazing, they are so good. So I guess my bottom line is, anyone that puts on a good show.

5. Where did you shop as a kid (or teen)? What was your style like?

JCP/Maurices - style was trendy

I remember loving going to the mall with my bestie, Christy...we would always get similar shirts, whether it was the sheer polka dot or block blouses from Mariposa or the Guess jeans with triangle on the pocket or the Esleep pajamas or the jeans that had a lock on them, or those crazy cartoon character pants.  We were so cool. 

I shopped mostly at Wet Seal, Express and Windsor Fashion (do they even have that still?). My style was super preppy, blazers, etc. And there was that one year or two or three... that I wanted to be like Blossom and Clarissa from Clarrisa Explains It All (totally dating myself right?), and dress funky, those were not good fashion years.

6. What do you and your spouse or partner or best friend fight about the most?

How we are treating each other. Are we being engaged, considerate, kind, etc. 

Things that one finds important but the other one having an empty garbage or picking up after oneself.  But I definitely don't we fight often or ever. Maybe a handful of times in our marriage. We totally get mad at each other or annoyed often but we usually work it out before it escalates to fight. 

You know Mr. and I hardly fight. I mean I can’t even remember the last time we fought and no fight stands out in my mind that I can even remember. Same goes with my best friend. I don’t think we’ve ever had a fight.  I just asked Mr. what we fight about and he said…nothing…oh wait, we fight over who gets to cuddle the baby. Which is totally true, he’s a baby hog.

Thanks for joining us- come back tomorrow for our summer style link up!