Featured Friday: Meet Susan

July 22, 2016, by My New Happy

Happy Friday friends!  It's Lana, and today I'd like to introduce you to Susan, who blogs at The Most Of Every Moment.  Susan was the first person I met when I started blogging, and we quickly became friends.  She lives in Montana and writes about ways to live each day to the fullest.  Be sure to hop over to her blog and read Seven Ways to Make the Most of a Moment and Seven Tips for Sending Your Child Off to College.

Do you have any children?  What parenting advice would you give to someone having a new baby?

My husband and I have a daughter who will be a college senior in Washington next year and a son who just graduated from high school and will be attending college in Oregon this fall.  I am simply astonished by how quickly they grew up!

My advice to new parents is to savor every single minute.  Take lots of photos of your children and video both sweet and ornery moments, record their little voices and their giggles, make note of every milestone, and jot down the cute things your kids say.  No one is a perfect parent, but I've learned that an apology can mend a lot of mistakes.  Spending quality time with your kids is the very best gift that you can give them.

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment and why?

My greatest accomplishment, without a doubt, is raising two caring and successful young adults.  I could not be more proud of them, and I know the world is already a better place because of them.

What is your greatest unfulfilled ambition?

Right now, I think my greatest unfulfilled ambition involves writing.  I am still trying to figure out how I can hone this interest, and where it will take me.  I suspect my ambition to "be a writer" may never be truly achieved, as one goal sort of leads to another, but I am curious and excited to see where it will lead me next.

What is something that people might be surprised to know about you?

I have traveled all the way around the world and to many different places, but as I don't talk a lot about this, many of my friends have no idea of where all I have been.  People who do know how much I have traveled might be surprised that I have absolutely no sense of direction, and friends who have witnessed my poor navigational abilities probably find it hard to believe I've ever managed to go anywhere on my own!  I am good at asking for directions, so I always manage to get where I need to be when on foot or using public transport. Driving a car in an unfamiliar place is incredibly daunting for me, though.

What has been the biggest challenge with blogging?

Anyone who has been blogging for a while would probably agree that a blogger's challenges keep evolving.  To completely answer this question, I could fill a page!  Rather than provide too lengthy of a response here, I'll just mention my latest blogging struggle.  I seem to be currently lacking a sense of direction in both blogging and geography!

With my youngest child heading off to college, my life is in the process of changing directions -- and my blog is feeling a bit that way, as well.  My posting schedule has dropped off dramatically in the past few months, as I have been spending time taking some on-line classes and evaluating the purpose of my blog.

When I visit social media channels, I find myself scrolling through an ever-changing, immense amount of content.  While much of it is interesting and helpful, lately I've been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it all.  This has caused me to experience some burnout and to re-evaluate my role as a blogger. I feel a responsibility to ensure that my posts will be enriching for my readers, and I want the time I spend blogging to help me meet my own goals as a writer. I've been feeling a little off course, but I'm certain that I will soon be back on track with blogging and headed in an even better direction.

What is your favorite style season (fall, spring, summer, winter) and why?

I have never really given much thought to style until I began reading the fashion posts of the bloggers that I follow.  I've learned a lot, both from Lana and right here on The Blended Blog.  Living in Montana, my style is almost always very casual.  My favorite "style season" is probably summer, as temperatures in Montana from June to September can vary greatly. I spend a lot of time in shorts, capris, and skirts, but it's nice to snuggle into a sweater and jeans on a rainy day or chilly summer night.

Do you like to dine out or stay in and cook dinner?

I really love to cook, but I do enjoy going out to eat occasionally.  My husband and I often prepare dinner together on weekends, and that is fun too.  He is better at cooking fish and seafood than I am, but I always make dessert!

You can follow Susan on her blog or Facebook.