Fall Featured Fridays Begin!

August 19, 2016, by Katie {The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life}

The Blended Blog has always been a place where we have celebrated women  and shared our thoughts, similarities, differences and this blogging world we all love!  Since the blog's evolution almost one year ago, we have used Friday to feature some of our contributors' favorite bloggers.  Throughout the Fall we will be featuring them once again, this time with themed questions!

August is back to school time for many in the south and the winding down of summer, so today we're kicking off our new series. You first met Gina from On the Daily Express, back in March on TBB. She's one of Lisa's favorite bloggers and friends, who quickly became a favorite of us all! Today she's back sharing her responses to our Fall themed questions!!

Thanks Gina!

1.  Complete this sentence: The end of summer finds me....
...wishing it would last longer! Summer is my favorite!

2. Tell about a back to school tradition you have, either with your own children or one you had a child yourself.

For my school-age boys, new backpacks and new shoes are a back-to-school tradition. They wear each of those items out completely throughout the school year, plus their tastes change so it's a fun time to try something new for the new year. I shared some of our picks and favorites for shoes and backpacks in this post.

3. What is one of your favorite things about the Fall.

Halloween! I love helping the kids get creative and pick out their costumes, and I love going to their school for the Halloween Parade and classroom parties. Halloween is a high-fun, low stress holiday and I love it. Bonus points if we have an adults-only party to attend because I still like wearing costumes too!

4. Do you have a Fall fashion favorite?

I don't think I love Fall fashion as much as most bloggers! Summer is my favorite, and it's actually tricky living in SoCal where Fall is still quite warm, so scarves and layers don't make sense. What I do love are Fall colors, like burgundy and olive. I work those into my wardrobe with lightweight pieces in place of brighter summer colors to feel like I'm dressing for the season despite the weather.

5. Is there a a TV show, movie or book you are looking forward to seeing/reading this Fall? Tell us about it!
Dancing with the Stars is one of my favorite TV shows and it usually starts back up in the fall. It's one of the few shows on TV my whole family can watch together and find entertaining. Plus, I take a lot of dance classes myself as a hobby so the pros on that show always motivate me to improve!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend to all!