Featured Friday: Christina from The Whole Cook

August 05, 2016, by Abbie - Grumbling Grace

Hello fabulous friends! It's Abbie from Grumbling Grace and I'm so excited to introduce you to Christina from The Whole Cook

How gorgeous is this gal? Photo via The Whole Cook

I was first attracted to Christina's vivacious and hilarious self on Instagram but was completely drawn in by her witty writing style and stories. Her focus on family and faith is evident throughout her work and can we say FOODIE?? Her recipes are to die for. I recently tried her Family Favorite Guacamole and Holy Toledo. It's amazing. 

Family Favorite Guacamole
Go make this. Seriously. Oh my word.

But enough from me. Let's hear from Christina. I'll just be over here stuffing my face...

Let's start with family life. How old are your kids?

I have two children ages 5 and 2. 

What parenting advice would you give to a someone having a new baby?
I'd tell a new mom that being a parent means you will doubt yourself 101 times every 20 minutes. You'll question your every decision. You'll worry about the safety and happiness of your children. You'll feel the suffering of this world in a bigger more compelling way because you'll fear that it can touch your children. Everything just means more. My advice is simple. Pray. Pray hard. Pray often. Spend time in His Word. He can lift you out of that dark space. He can put everything into perspective for you in a way that nothing else in this world can.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?  

Encouraging, funny, and weird.

What is something that people might be surprised to know about you?
I can read an entire book in 3 hours. A few years ago my husband looked at our Amazon account and I'd ordered over 65 books in one year. That doesn't count everything I'd read from the library or purchased from brick and mortar retailers. Once I start a book I'm not very good at stopping apparently. It's a bit of a compulsion.

What hobbies do you have other than blogging? 

Thinking about food. Does that count as a hobby? It should.

I knew we shared similar interests outside of blogging. ;-) Speaking of blogging, what inspired you to start your blog?

I've always been a writer at heart. Whether it was starting (and not finishing) truly horrible novels, writing training manuals, or crafting sales pitches I just needed to do it. Putting words to paper (or blog) was and is so important to me. I started this blog because I wanted a place to pour out my heart. That's what blogging has been for me. It's where I talk the highs, lows, and hilarity of motherhood. It's where I talk about food (and how I'm always hungry). It's where I share my faith. I am always amazed that anyone reads what I write and so very grateful for those interactions.

Outside of your incredible words, you've got incredible style. What is your style “uniform”?
Jeans, loose fitting shirt (usually white), sandals with a lot of bling, sunglasses, and red lipstick. I wear some version of this almost every day. It's comfortable but feels like maybe I look like I tried at least a little. That's how I justify it to myself anyway.

Do you enjoy gardening, sewing, decorating, painting or photography? I know I loved seeing your daughter's dresser DIY recently on Instagram!

I love gardening and DIY. Refinishing furniture, creating party themes, or even painting walls. I enjoy any project where I can see big results quickly because I'm not very patient.

Thanks for giving us a peek at the babe behind the blog, Christina!

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