Friday Fall Features: Beth

August 26, 2016, by Katie {The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life}

The Blended Blog has always been a place where we have celebrated women  and shared our thoughts, similarities, differences and this blogging world we all love!  Since the blog's evolution almost one year ago, we have used Friday to feature some of our contributors' favorite bloggers. Throughout the Fall we will be featuring them once again, this time with themed questions!

You first met Beth from Our Pretty Little Girls earlier this year on TBB. She's a favorite of our very own Sarah and she has now become a favorite of us all!!  Today Beth back on the blog sharing her responses to our Fall themed questions!!

1.  Complete this sentence: The end of summer finds me....
Sad.  Sad that I will soon be pale and bored!

2. Tell about a back to school tradition you have, either with your own children or one you had a child yourself.

Every year we celebrate a made up holiday, Back to School Eve.  It consists of a day full of fun and WAY too much ice cream. We have been celebrating ever since our youngest was in kindergarten and I hope to keep the tradition going for many more years. 

3. What is one of your favorite things about the Fall.

The way the air smells. Well that and pumpkin spice everything.

4. Do you have a Fall fashion favorite?

Plaid everything.  I added quite a bit of plaid to my wardrobe last year and I hope to keep that going.

5. Is there a a TV show, movie or book you are looking forward to seeing/reading this Fall? Tell us about it!
Nope!  Is that terrible?!? I am just so busy I don't really get into books, tv, or movies.  I do love watching the new episodes of Roadkill on YouTube with the husband.  I'm so not your typical girl.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Beth!
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Happy Friday and Happy Weekend to all!