Summer Series: Festival Wear

August 15, 2016, by Nicole

Hi there !

I'm Nicole from Nick and Nicole + 4 and it's my turn with the summer series ! I chose to talk about festival wear for the 30+ crowd. Last year I was lucky enough to attend to festivals ( wayhome and Boots and Hearts). This year I was only able to go to Boots, but it was still amazing!

These are two very different ( music wise) festivals but the fashion was mainly the same except for the fact that wayhome ( similar to coachella) had more neon. 

Here are some tips I picked up for those of us who are no longer 18,19 or 20 but want to look cool at a concert or festival !

1. Wear a hat. This helps with sweaty hair problems. Spending the entire day outdoors in the heat can kill whatever cute hair day you had planned. Wearing a hat fixes this.  Here are a few I have worn. 

2. Over the shoulder purse. Bonus points if you have fringe.  This is a must have !! Who wants to carry a huge purse ? Or not carry one at all and lose money and keys that fall out of pockets. Not me. Yay for small purses. ( see both of us below with our cross body bags. Handy for hand sanitizer and extra toilet paper ....cause concerts are gross )

3. Accessorise. Wear layers of necklaces. Apparently glitter tattoos are cool too. 

4. Bring a plaid shirt. Tie it around. Your waist. Yes I'm serious. This is not a fashion thing. It's a "it gets cold when the sun goes down and you will freeze if you don't have this " thing. Your welcome for this tip. ( see pic above. Kristy was smart with the plaid. Me- I froze )

5. Wear sneakers. Like converse. I didn't ( I wore sandals) and my feet were gross by the end of the weekend. 

Other Big trends I noticed this year (mainly from the younger ladies there..)

Hopefully someone finds this useful for any concerts they are attending soon - especially outdoor ones! I'm lucky enough to be seeing Adele in October, so I'm pretty excited to outfit plan!

xo. Nicole