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September 12, 2016, by Deena @Shoes to Shiraz


Welcome to round 4 of getting to know the contributors of the Blended Blog better!  You can read our previous posts here.  Today we're chatting with Christy, Katie and Lana.

1.  What was your favourite vacation you took as a kid?

My most memorable vacation was the one where my Mom took my brother and I (ages 9 and 11) to Disneyland all on her own.  I remember her falling in a mud puddle on the way to the park and my bro and I wouldn't let her turn back to change.  She was a trooper and always outnumbered! 
When I was younger, we always rented a house on the North Carolina Coast!  I have so many great memories from these times.  We still go even as adults.  Not as often, but it's still a great time!

We didn't really go on vacations, and when we traveled we drove to see my grandparents in Southern California.  I loved visiting the beach and Disneyland.

2.  What kind of kid were you in elementary school?

I've always been self motivated to succeed academically and elementary school was no different.  I remember lots of slumber parties and talking about boys.  Typical pre-teen girlie stuff. 
I have the worst memory!  But I can recall being a quiet shy kid, but still personable.  I was voted co-class president in the 5th grade.  This was a big deal!
I was pretty quiet and studious.  I liked to do sports...and homework!

3. Are you an introvert or an extrovert.....

While I would like to say a little of both, my friends would argue I am an extrovert.  I can make a friend anywhere. I talk to the random guy on the elevator and find myself unable to shut up during a massage.  I always have lots to say.  Always.
Depends on the situation.  With new people, large groups and in scary situations, I'm an introvert.  Once I get to know people and am comfortable with them, I'm more of an extrovert!  I think in my heart of hearts though, I'm an introvert!!
I think I'm an introvert.  In a new group I tend to stay quiet until I'm more comfortable.  I'd rather stay home and read a book than go to a party.

4. What was your first car?

The first car I drove was an old burgundy Honda Civic, technically my Mom's car.  It is amazing how many teenagers we could fit in there and how many miles we would drive around my little city.  Good memories in that car....
I don't currently drive but I did learn....and it was on my sister's little red Saab that became mine for awhile.  I loved that thing and felt super cool in it!
My first car was a white Mercury Montego with red plaid seats.  It was so ugly, but I loved it.  My brother had a serious fall while pole vaulting, and was in a coma for 3 days.  When he finally woke up, he looked at me and said, "I know her, she drives me to school every day in that ugly car".

5.  What is your go-to meal that you cook for company or that your family requests the most often?

Spaghetti and meat balls! My hubby and both boys will devour a bowl leaving very little left for me!  It is a winner every time.
This one I had to think about.  Living this solitary life I do, I can't says I'm a master chef.  In fact, I don't think I cooked in my kitchen more than twice this entire summer.  Summer aside, about a year and a half ago I started getting Hello Fresh meals, and I have been cooking more and more thanks to those.  Since it's not often I cook for family, I will tell you a meal of mine my co-workers love.  My Salsa Chicken!  I put the recipe for salsa chicken in a cookbook my school created for a fundraiser years ago, and my co-workers have all made it and love it.  It's a simple one shot, easy clean, foil packet meal...perfect for one! Ha!

My family requests my chicken pot pie at least twice a month.  It was my husband's aunt's recipe, but I've made it my own, and the boys love it!

6.  What's on your Christmas wish-list?

Truthfully, if someone needed a gift idea for me right now I would say a new set of bathroom towels.  Ours are from our wedding 11 years ago and it is really time to replace them.  
Ooohhh...this one is so hard!  I haven't even started thinking about it!  Clothes...since I lost a lot of them in the Dominican Republic!!  LOL

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