Friday Fall Feature: Karla's Return Engagement

September 30, 2016, by Katie {The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life}

Our fellow blogger and friend, Karla from Roads to Everywhere is making her comeback on TBB today as our Fall Feature!  We first introduced you to Karla back in February!  We are so happy to have her back today. Read on to find out some of Karla's Fall Faves!

Complete this sentence: The end of summer finds me.... 
settling into a routine of part-time job/part-time homeschool after moving back to north Idaho from Denver in the late spring.

Tell about a back to school tradition you have, either with your own children or one you had a child yourself.
I love to browse the school supplies sales this time of year. My children are officially graduated but we plan to do some continuing education type activities with my youngest who has some mild special needs this fall. I really don't need anything in the way of school supplies this year, but I did buy some watercolor paints. I think I'd like to experiment with watercolor painting and I'm hoping my daughter will want to join me.

What is one of your favorite things about the Fall.
Both my birthday and my anniversary are in the fall. During this season of our life my husband and I enjoy little weekend getaways to celebrate special events like that.

Do you have a fall fashion favorite?
I love wearing drapey shawls that can be styled as a scarf or worn as a wrap. They are perfect in the fall because it adds an extra layer of warmth that can easily be tossed aside as the day warms up.

Is there a a TV show, movie or book you are looking forward to seeing/reading this Fall? Tell us about it!
Previews for Timeless on NBC caught my husband's eye recently, so I'm sure we'll give that a try. We usually enjoy time-travel plots.

Have a great weekend!




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