Summer Series: Summer Activities You Should Be Doing in Autumn

September 05, 2016, by Abbie - Grumbling Grace

Hello, everybody! 

 It's Abbie from Grumbling Grace and while I've been taking Whitney's recent advice about 8 Reasons to Stay Excited About Summer, the leaves are beginning to turn up here in Canada and the days are getting shorter.  I've been feeling a little forlorn to be closing out summer (and our summer series)...

... but I have to admit that I love autumn in all its crisp, colorful beauty, so adieu, summer and welcome, autumn!

As lovely as this time of year is, fall is fleeting so hang onto your ponchos because before you can say 'pumpkin spice,' I'm here to let you in on a few summer activities that you should actually be saving for September.

1. Vacations

I know, I know. The kids just got back to school and the routines are starting up but whether you can sneak in a long weekend or a full trip, now is the time to go to the popular tourist destinations. Flights and hotels have incredible discounts in September and October and unless you're headed to the Arctic, the weather in most of the world is lovely in the autumn. Plus, the crowds you'll find at iconic places like the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben have eased off, leaving you more time and space to enjoy the sights. 

Vancouver's lovely this time of year!

2. National Parks & Lakes

Banff National Park, AB, CANADA

If you love camping, hiking and swimming, the lack of crowds at national parks and lakes in September will win you over. From quiet beaches to stunning vistas with no traffic jams to mountains crowned in crimson shades, you can't beat the great outdoors in the fall. 

While you might get a slightly chilly evening, it's nothing that a hot toddy can't stave off. The bugs are gone, you'll get your pick of campsites and you'd better believe that the service at restaurants and tourist locations will be top notch after the rush of summer crowds. 

3. Outdoor Sports

Did I mention the lack of bugs? The quiet roads for biking, the cool mornings for running and the crisp beauty for hiking or walking all make fall the best time of year to enjoy the last rays of warmth and the activities before the snow flies (or the rain arrives, you lucky southerners). 

So get outside and explore some new ground this season, without the rush and with a warm drink in hand!


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