Ten years forward: Nicole

September 20, 2016, by Nicole

Happy Tuesday morning to everyone. I'm Nicole, from Nick & Nicole + 4. I've decided to hop on the bandwagon and do the 10 years forward posts with everyone. Even though I haven't read the book the idea stemmed from What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. Now I have to go grab it and read it over the winter:)

I really haven’t thought that far ahead in my life which is crazy really. But lets first summarize ages/places in life of my family

In 10 years.....

I will be 46, as will Nick

Madison will be 27 (OMG)

Abigail will be 23

Mimi will be 21

And Nevaeh will be 17. So doing her last year in high school.

Here is a photo for reference:

So first off, I’ll be about 7 years away from retiring. Not too bad really, but now that I list my kids ages, I’ll have put 2 through university and have one in university and one still to go. Plus weddings hopefully, so I’ll be broke and need to continue to work I’m sure.

in 10 years I could potentially have grand kids. I’m hoping my kids don’t take the route I did and have them super early but 27 for Madison is about the age I hope she gets married and has kiddies, if that’s what she wants that is. Who knows, right now she’s just trying to finish up high school and decided what’s next.

Guys, I’m freaking out a bit, this little blog post is giving me anxiety.

Also, our plan is to move out of Barrie into the country in the next 5 years or so, before Nevaeh starts high school.  Hopefully we have a nice size property. For all these grandkids I could potentially have.

I think in 10 years I’ll be done with the wedding photography business. I’ll want my weekends back.

Also, I picture my 46 year old self to look like Lauren Graham. And Madison will look like Aleixs Bledel. And we’ll have witty conversations over coffee, and even Nevaeh’s high school friends will think I’m a cool, hip hot mom.




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