5 ways to be a better.......friend.

October 10, 2016, by Deena @Shoes to Shiraz

It's Thanksgiving weekend for the Canadians and while most of us are spending time congregating in the homes of our families, ready to break bread and give thanks, I thought that maybe today would be a good day to give a little gratitude to the friendships in our lives.  We don't typically spend holidays with the people we call our friends but they are just as important as our family, aren't they?
So why not 5 ways today to be a better friend, based on random observations from a life of a loyal friend.

1) Make time

Like any important relationship, your friendships also require time.  Technology has made that somewhat easier with texting and thankfully we're over the days of folding up notes and strategically placing in the bathroom so your bestie could leave class later and find said note.


2) Create memories

Do fun things together and make those memories that you can laugh at and remember fondly.  Once a year, my oldest group of girlfriends and I take off on a "Moms' Shopping Weekend Away".  It is the most anticipated weekend of the year and everyone comes home feeling refreshed, relaxed, a little more stylish and ready to take on life.  A shopping trip might not be your thing, maybe you go on outdoor adventures like Abbie does with her friends, or perhaps you go for breakfast every Friday morning or have a splurge group.  There are so many great options.  In case you're curious what goes down on one of our girls' trips...you can read this post.


3) Stay true

Once you get older and have had the same friends around for longer than your husbands, well you know that you've found your people.  Your tribe.  Your squad.  So like a good teammate, be loyal to that friend and have their back regardless what is going on.   Life is crazy enough as it is, we need our people standing behind us when we're faced with our battles. I have come to learn that quite profoundly in our journey to discover Lucia's growth hormone deficiency.  You can read about that here.


4) Take risks 

If you don't try, you'll never know what may be.  True, at my age, I'm not necessarily looking for new friendships, I feel I have the bases covered with solid people in my life.  However,  I'm always open to meeting new people and have started to form friendships with new people, from the moms of my kids' classmates to blog readers.  Speaking of blog reading, I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for the unplanned friendships that have come out of blogging. I honestly feel like you could put me in a room with any of the bloggers listed in the Blogs that I Love page, I would find my tribe easily.  Even if you aren't a blogger, just by reading someone's blog and commenting, you are reaching out and meeting someone.  Be open to new friendships and take that risk to reach out. You can read about a first big blogger meet up in Vegas here.


5) Take a break when you need it

Life is busy with work, family and everything else in between and sometimes you just have to shut off your phone, stop replying to emails and take a couple weekends to yourself.   That's the beauty about strong friendships- they totally get it and will be patiently waiting for you to get ahold of your life and to pick up right where you left off.


You can jump over to my blog to see some of the important people in my life




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