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October 07, 2016, by Katie {The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life}

Hey Blended Blog Readers! It's me, Ruth from My Little Nest again! I was here at the beginning of Summer and did a fun little post, One Shirt for One Week. The girls here asked me if I'd like to come back as a Fall Feature and I said Yes! I love writing these posts and hope you like reading them!

1. Then end of Summer finds me...

holding a pumpkin spice latte! I look forward to Fall so much, having lived in Florida for 10 years where it's just Summer and then a cooler Summer year round!

2. School tradition with kids or myself as a kid. 

 This is my first year sending my little one off to school, (time seriously goes so fast!) so we don't have any solid traditions. I would say as a child something that sticks clear in my mind is shopping for a school outfit. My family didn't have a lot of money growing up so most of my clothes were hand me downs. I wasn't able to really have a my own style as a kid. I don't know how my parents afforded it, but at the start of the school year I would go to Mervyns (showing my age a bit there) or JC Penneys and pick out a pair of pants, a top, a sweater and maybe shoes depending on the budget. I was home schooled my whole life, but did take band, choir, and an occasional science class at public school. Having an outfit that I chose and was brand new is something I'll never forget! I remember a few outfits from those school years that I'll never forget.

3. One of my favorite things about Fall. 

Coziness. I love looking outside on a crisp Fall morning or a cold evening while having a cup of tea in a cardigan and warm socks. Maybe having a fire in the fireplace or cookies in the oven warming the house give me that cozy Fall feeling! Cheesy I know, but that's my favorite thing about Fall!

4. Fall Fashion Favorite.

I mean there's so many options: jackets, boots, cardigans, scarves, hats, gloves...but my absolute favorite is ankle boots. I think these little pieces of leather or suede can add so much texture or color to an outfit! I like that they don't go all the way up to your knee so you can show off your pants/jeans. And they're so versatile they can be worn with any length of skirt or dress and any type of pant! Those little booties are my absolute favorites to find and buy!

5. Book, movie or show you're looking forward to.

Totally looking forward to see Girl On A Train. I read the book and loved it and HOPING that the movie is just as good! I mean it stars Emily Blunt(I adore her) so here's hoping!

Thanks to The Blended Blog for including me on their Fall Favorite Features! You can always hop over and check out my blog My Little Nest. I love "meeting" new people on the internet so stop on by! 

Hope everyone enjoys the cooler weather that's right around the color and all the beautiful Fall colors!




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