Ten Years Forward: Lana

October 18, 2016, by My New Happy

I've read all of Liane Moriarty's books, and What Alice Forgot is my favorite.  It's such a great message about taking care of relationships, nourishing what's important, and letting the rest go.  I remember thinking about what my life would be like if I woke up and it was ten years in the future.

First off, I'll be almost 60.  Which I can't even wrap my head around.  I'm not one to be upset about birthdays or growing older, but in my head I'm still 25.  Hopefully in ten years I'll be exercising and taking care of myself, and I'll feel...hmmm...maybe 35?  If I'm healthy, the number won't matter.

My husband and I have a pretty solid marriage, which I expect will continue.  He better be around to celebrate that 60th birthday!  I'd love to say we'll be retired and travelling,  But when you own a business....the retirement part's not likely.  In ten years we better have the empty nest thing figured out, and there will definitely be more trips to Paris and points beyond.  And maybe a smaller house?

Speaking of the empty nest, the boys will be 31 and 29.  If all goes according to their plans, C will be working for Ferrari, and T will be a veterinarian.  Will there be more people in this family photo?  I'm hoping for spouses and at least a few grandchildren.  They owe me :)!

Regardless of what happens, if there's one thing I learned from What Alice Forgot, it's that ten years will be here before I know it.  There's really no predicting what that's going to look like, so we have to take care of each day we're given right now.  Nourish the people and the relationships.  Remember what's important and don't sweat the small stuff.

The future will take care of itself.




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