December 21, 2016, by Andrea Nine

Happy Wednesday before Christmas lovelies!! I am Andrea from Living On Cloud Nine. So happy you're here to check out our weekly fashion post/link-up and perhaps even link-up your awesomeness with us. Today, we are focusing on Super comfy..around the house comfy. If you head over to my Blog, you'll see a favorite outfit of mine to wear around the house in addition to this fun find. I got this reindeer lightweight sweatshirt at Macy's and even the checkout lady said "What a fun little sweatshirt and so soft!" Soft is a must for me with comfy and this outfit certainly is!! Get this sweatshirt Here

And If I have not mentioned my love of comfy warm slipper socks, here are my favorite ones from Old Navy and the festive balls just make me happy!!!

Warm and favorite way to be this blessed Christmas season! (This may or may not be straight Bailey's. wink wink!)

Here are MY FAVORITES FROM THE WEEK...all sporting beloved favorite December color!!

First up, my dear Shauna from Lipgloss and Lace in her Christmas Chic jumpsuit. This girl wears a a jumpsuit with such divine goodness. Look how beautiful she is! I'd love to wear this to a Christmas party or on New Years Eve.

Next up, the darling Jess from Elegantly Dressed and Stylish wears red with such passion. What a perfect dress for Christmas Eve.

Look at cozy Rachel and her fur darling Ella from A Blonde's Moment. Ella is styling in her sweet red buffalo checked sweater dress (Buy it Here) These two will be all cozied up Christmas morning. And yes do I need that cute sweatshirt Rachel is wearing. If I was Oprah, I'd say "You get a Blog sweatshirt and You get a Blog sweatshirt.......and you get a...

We will be here next Wednesday with another Cozy Link-Up and 2017 is in for exciting things here at The Blended Blog including Wednesday Fashion Link-Ups! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all you beauties and your dear loved ones. On behalf of all the sweethearts here at the Blended Blog, I can sincerely tell you, our hearts are full of love and gratefulness to each of you dear readers and friends!