Ten Years Forward

December 20, 2016, by Leslie Roberts Clingan

Ten Years Forward

Sweet friends, 

Today's post is my contribution to a Blended Blog series based on the book What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty.  In this bestseller, Alice falls off her bike during spin class, gets a concussion - and wakes up to realize she has forgotten the last 10 years and nothing in her present life is as she remembers it to be.  I certainly suffer from memory loss but I don't think we can attribute it to amnesia.  More like senility instead.

Rewind to 2006

Just for fun, let's imagine I've suffered a concussion from falling out of bed.  Getting out of bed is about the most strenuous thing I am doing these days.  When I come to, I think it is late 2006.  Look at all the things I would have forgotten.

That's a whole lotta living.  And there's so much more, in the day-to-day, I would have forgotten about. Phone calls, dates, vacations, emails, adventures and hugs. Gratefully, that isn't the case. While some days in my past are a blur, I do remember my wedding day and those of my daughters!!

Fast-forward to 2026

Now let's fast forward to ten years in the future, 2026.  My fingers struggled to type that.  I am almost scared to think much less write what my life might look like.  Seems like doing so might be bad luck. But here goes. I used an app called Aging Booth to create the aged photos below.  Check it out here, if you dare!!

Had hoped I could select the number of years by which to age us but the app automatically chose to age us about 30 years.  However, if I look like this at 88, I won't be too upset!

Not like that, silly goose, ^^^^ that's Paul!  Like this:

You may not see much difference in my photo from how old I already look!  Ha!  Guess that means I already look 88, especially when my hair color has faded.

So, in 2026 I will be 68 years old, my Prince will be 62.  (Can you say cougar?)  By then, I hope that both of us will be happily and completely retired.  Would pray that we are healthy and active, able to travel, enjoy the activities we participate in now.  Baseball, baseball, baseball for my PC, some hiking, scrapbooking, painting, crafting, gardening, reading, writing for me.  Maybe I will have finally found the confidence to write a children's book? Maybe PC will have a Senior Men's World Series ring?

Brennyn and Cady

Ten years from now, my oldest daughter Brennyn will be 42.  Cannot imagine.  Cady will be 16, driving and dating! Heaven help us. Ten Years Forward

I hope Brennyn will still be living in Texas, if not closer to home than she is now in Ft. Worth.  And still nursing. She is such a devoted neo-natal nurse. Cady will have continued to do well in school. She will still dance and draw with her own dramatic flair. Would love to think that maybe she will have a little brother or sister, too.  Sadly, Brennyn and Corey are going through a divorce in real life 2016.  I hope in 10 years, they will have continued to amicably parent Cady together.  And will both be in happily-ever-after relationships.

Lauren, Lucia and Francisco

Lauren, my youngest daughter, will be 40; as equally difficult to fathom.  Baby Lucia will be 10, a fourth or fifth grader.

Ten Years Forward 

Like her cousin Cady, I imagine Lucia will be marching to the beat of her own drum majorette. Francisco will have been a doctor for more than a decade.  I hope they will be happier than ever together and perhaps have given Lucia a sibling to play with.  Lauren might be a stay-at-home mom if there is another little Buendia running around their house, or maybe working from home as a part-time medical research librarian (as she does now full-time).  Both of my daughters and their families will continue to come "home" regularly and make memories with me at the beach, in the mountains, and wherever else we are together.

Mi Familia

As you may remember, my 89 year-old mom has been struggling for the past few months.  She is actually in incredibly good physical health but has been dealing with significant depression and anxiety issues.  In fact, she was just released this afternoon after a week's hospital stay.

Ten Years Forward

A part of me dreaded writing this post at this moment in my life because I am so concerned for my mom.  I hate to imagine a future without my mother.  This year, my mom's difficulties have taken a real toll on my brother, sister and me.  I hope in 2026, Kevin and his family and Valerie and her family will be healthy and happy.

The Kittens

Purrsimmony and Purrsnickitty will both be 13 years old.  No doubt fat and happy.  Still enjoying a little time each day in the backyard or sunning on the balcony.  Sim will still prefer soft food and Snick will still want crunchy food. Now and then, they will still chase each other up and down the

 Ten Years Forward 

For our country, I would dare to hope that we are at peace with all other nations in the world.  That our economy has grown stronger and that we have returned to being the great country we once were. And since this is my daydream, I would like to think that a cure for cancer has been determined and made readily available.  That global hunger and poverty has been extinguished and that our world is healthier, the planet itself and the people on it.

What do You See in Your Crystal Ball?

If you could look into a crystal ball, what would you see for your life in the next ten years?  For what would you wish for those you love most?  Would love for you to share in a comment below.

As we approach the new year,  I am not sad to see 2016 come to a close.  It has been a difficult year in many ways. But I am hopeful that 2017 will bring some rest and renewal to all of us, wrapped in lots of love and memory-making activities.

Hugs and kisses,