The Blended Blog Loves #5

February 17, 2017, by Alison @ Puppies and Pretties

Blog writing and blog reading go hand in hand, so we figured we would take a break from our usual Friday Feature of bloggers in this wonderful community and instead showcase some of our favorites from our readings this week.

Welcome to The Blended Blog Loves...a collection of the best posts on our feeds.  Link up your best post this week and maybe we'll feature you too, or create a post featuring some of the best reads- we all love meeting new bloggers.

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little freaked out that it is already the second half of February. Like where has the month gone? Anyway, here are a few of my my favorite posts I've found lately!

I'm on the LuLaRoe train all the way. My favorite item by far is the Nicole dress. But the 2 that I have I pretty much wear the same way. Either alone or with a completer piece (think cardigan or blazer). So when I found Pamela from itspamdel and her different ways to style a Nicole, I was ecstatic! Now, which one to try first? :)

I'm going to be honest with you. I hate soup. And chili. And all those types of things. I don't know why, maybe a texture thing? I don't like my food swimming? But I digress. I'm going to be digging into these recipes from Abbey at Small Town Soul.

I've been struggling with burnout/boredom recently so this post from Brighton at Brighton the Day really hit home for me. 

I've had my eyes peeled for a leopard coat that doesn't cost a ridiculous amount and actually has full length sleeves (seriously, what is the point of coats that have like 3/4 length sleeves?!?). Anyway, I've pretty much resigned myself to not finding one. But Lisa's post over at Daily Style Finds makes me want to renew my search!

Baileys, cheesecake, mousse, no bake. Need I say more? Heather from Well Floured has me salivating.