The Blended Blog Loves #10

March 24, 2017, by Deena @Shoes to Shiraz

Welcome to The Blended Blog "Loves"...a collection of the best posts on our feeds. Link-Up your best post this week and maybe we'll feature you too, or create a post featuring some of the best reads- we all love meeting new bloggers.

Hey friends, Deena here from Shoes to Shiraz and it's my day to share with you my faves from the interwebs this week.

1) Love Actually reunion trailer : I wanted to post the video, but apparently I can't embed because Canada.  So instead you'll have to check it out for yourself.  I know it's only 10 minutes, but that's 10 more than we've had in ages and I got all the chills watching it.  Did you?

2) Lisa's Fashion posts- our fashion-friendly TBB contributor, Lisa over at Daily Style Finds has been killing it with the leopard lately, but I really loved this post with all the springy pastels.  Makes me want to get out the archives and rotate in my spring stuff asap.

3) Crème Anglaise with Sarita from It's my Girls' World- I have had crème anglaise on my to-cook list for a long time and after reading her post- I'm getting the ingredients this weekend.

4) My favourite blogger is back: Military Wife & Pug Life, who always makes me laugh and then I want to have a bottle of wine and shot of tequila with her whenever I read anything she writes.   Check out her latest post here.

5) Teacher Talk...but also good words of wisdom for parents too, you can read it here on the post, Teaching Morals and Ethics in a World of Gray.   

All educators (and parents) should understand that we model behavior for students. Morals are most often caught, not taught. What we do is even more important than what we say.  
I especially like the point of dealing with behaviour when it's many great nuggets to think about in this piece.

 6) Favourite link from last week's post by Andrea is a post by Michele Morin over at Living Our Days in a post called The Deep Welcome of Friendship.

 She says:
“boldly welcome others into the mess that is me” 
Man, can I ever identify with that.  Give this one a read, peeps!

Now bloggers, show me your favourite posts from this week!  Have a great weekend.




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