The Blended Blog Loves #9

March 17, 2017, by Andrea Nine

Blog writing and blog reading go hand in hand, so The Blended Blog ladies figured we would take a break from our usual Friday Feature of bloggers and instead showcase some of our favorites blogs from the week.

Welcome to The Blended Blog "Loves"...a collection of the best posts on our feeds. Link-Up your best post this week and maybe we'll feature you too, or create a post featuring some of the best reads- we all love meeting new bloggers.

I'm Andrea from Living On Cloud Nine and I'm excited to showcase some loves from the week! And if You head over to my BLOG, I've got a St. Patty's Day Themed Friday Favorites. 

1. Birthday Babes
Two of my favorite bloggers celebrated 30th birthdays in the past week. Ahhh to be 30 again.....The beautiful Biana from B Loved Boston talked about her amazing Birthday weekend in NYC.
B with her beautiful sis 
Emily from A Little Bit of Emily has a beautiful post written by her parents about her birth story. So sweet

2. When You have to go to a New GYN
Wow could I ever relate to Laura's Post from The Horton Family Blog.
She recently had her yearly exam as I did too just on Monday only to the news my beloved GYN of 27 years is retiring next year. NOOOO and Laura's post made me realize I'm not the only one deeply attached to the other person that has their head you know where besides our husbands. So sad to loose a good care giver and just go read what Laura had to endure...The nerve!

3. NEVER say Someone is too Sensitive.
My Dear Friend Emelia from Dream Big and Buy the Shoes wrote and amazing piece on Wednesday asking Are We Too Sensitive? Trust me, this is a MUST read!!

4. Has Blogging Gotten Out of Control?
Diane from Fashion on the 4th Floor wrote an amazing article asking us If Blogging has gotten out of control? If you are a blogger, you will totally relate and it will hit home because you know in your heart what you want blogging to be.

5. 6 Bloggers Things I Don't Do
Elle from Elle Sees had a great article yesterday about some of the things she doesn't do as a blogger that so many like to do and post. Another reason why I love her and the importance of "Doing Your Own thang!"

Wear something GREEN and
Happy Weekend Angels! Now, Link-Up some posts you loved creating for us this week!!




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