Spring Time Fun / Signs of Spring + Link-Up

April 10, 2017, by Carrie

Welcome to Week 2 of Spring Time Fun!

What I love about Spring are the signs of new life everywhere in creation. Growing up in Iowa, we waited very so (im)patiently for snow to melt and Spring to appear. One of the first signs of Spring were the little tulips that would poke their noses when the sunshine warmed the frozen ground. To this day tulips are my favorite flower. They definitely are not as popular in Texas but they will forever hold a special place in my heart. 

Hello, Beautiful!

In Texas, a sign of Spring is always Bluebonnets. They grow wild and only appear for a little while. Typically, April is the month of their beauty. I saw several places where they have been growing wild but it was never a place where I could stop and snap a picture. But enjoy this beauty. 

Oh, Texas! I love this site every. single. year!

In Texas, a major sign of Spring is wind! Oh, my gosh! The WIND! It never stops during March and April. In July and August we would pay dearly for a breeze when the heat is sweltering. This is what I typically look like every. single, day right now. Forget a great hair day!

Oh, and Texas, I really dislike your windy days.

 Another sign of Spring in Texas is hail storms. A few years ago our entire roof was taken out due to a hail storm. The storm included three rounds of hail, massive amounts of rain, wind and of course tornadoes. 

2017 hail stones....don't mess with Texas!

Yes, we get torrential rain and tornadoes too! All in the same storm systems and sometimes multiples times a week. Again, we welcome the rain because in July and August there won't a drop!

We do have some beautiful sunsets in the Spring. Who could not love this? This was taken at our temporary home. The lovely Mansions 380 in Little Elm.  Beautiful site at the pool one evening. 

One thing we love to do in the Spring in April is attend the Medal of Honor parade which is hosted just north of us in Gainesville. This town puts on the dog for all past Medal of Honor receipients. There are events all throughout the weekend and a fabulous parade on Saturday morning. We were able to attend this year and it's always a great event. 

Well, friends that's my Spring Time Fun for today. Be sure to hop on over to Leslie's blog (Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After) to check out her post. 

Please link up your Spring Time posts with us!

Have a beautiful day!




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