June 05, 2017, by Andrea Nine

This is a very special day here at TBB. I'm Andrea from Living On Cloud Nine and today, we have a new sister to join our amazing group. I am so happy to introduce Shelly from The Queen In Between. Shelly is the perfect fit for our fabulous group and we are overjoyed that she has agreed to join us in this journey of collaborative blog life and friendship. She will bring us such a richness in so many areas of life as her own blog is so diverse in lifestyle topics. We cannot wait for Shelly to get her feet wet with our clan and look forward to her contributions. 

Man, this lady rocks purple!!!

I'm not quite sure how I found Shelley, but I do know that she was one of the first blogs I started reading when I created my own. She began blogging a few months before I did and She's just such a positive light and uplifting influence. I think one of the things I love most about Shelly is the love she has for her family. You will often hear her refer to them as the Bigs and the Littles. 
Just look at these gorgeous faces. 

One of my favorite posts from Shelly was her 15 Tips For Building a Stronger Marriage. Just look at these two, they are living life and getting it right!!

Here's how Shelly sees herself:
I’m a Texas girl with a passion for making a positive influence.  I love Mexican food, online shopping and (over)sharing about my life experiences.  Professionally I hold a position as a Senior Financial Analyst for Texas A&M University where I’ve worked for the past 25 years.  My passion for my family, friends, faith, food and fitness is only matched by a love for fashion and finally finding my own style.  I’ve been married for the past 15 years to my absolute soulmate Keith but my real super power is making beautiful babies!  I’m the proud momma to four (ages 26, 23, 15 & 11) who have blessed me, challenged me and given me lots of great blog material over the years. 

Here's how I see Shelly:
She is fierce, fun, faithful and fabulous. Shelly's posts and comments always lift my heart and the hearts of all those around her. I'm not sure she is even aware of how truly beautiful she is inside and out! I adore her style, this girl can shop like nobodies business and always looks so stinkin' cute, wearing the kinds of fun and real pieces that we ladies love! This gal can cook too and she can make you cry with her motivational posts and devotion. Join us as we raise a margarita and toast Shelly! 

Plus, she loves leopard just a much as we all do!!

Another favorite post Shelly has done has to do with friendship: Waiting on a Friend
Welcome, dear friend, Welcome! We've been waiting for you!




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