The Blended Blog Loves - July 21, 2017

July 21, 2017, by Shaunacey Bonneville

It's FRIDAY!!! Thank goodness, am I right?!

Shaunacey here, sharing some posts I'm loving from this past week:

I'll apologize in advance for the randomness in this post but such is life.


Top 10 Colors Fall 2017 - Cindy Spivey

I know, I know, we're in the thick of summer and here I go bringing up fall already but guys, fall has to be the BEST time of year for fashion and you really can't start thinking about your fall fashion finds too early.

Cindy shares the Top 10 Colors for this fall (as per Panatone) and I won't lie, I'm in LOVE!!!!!

Which is your fave?! I actually love them ALL but the first row is just so pretty!

Be a YES Parent -  Becci Nicholls @ Her View from Home

This is a great mom-post no matter what age your littles are but as a mom of toddlers, it particularly resonated with me. I often find myself saying "no" seemingly just for the sake of saying "no". This post really got me thinking about turning some of my "nos" into "yeses" and what that might look like.

Yes, our children need boundaries, consistency and to be safe BUT they also need to have fun and sometimes that means us saying "yes" just a little bit more.

Tulle skirt and Fun Hair - Foxys Domestic Side

Our very own Sarah, aka the tulle-skirt-pretty-hair-queen, does it again with a super feminine outfit that I just had to share. Seriously, every time I see a tulle skirt, I think of this lady! Also, her hair tutorials are amazing - she is the only reason I know how to do a french braid (no matter how bad it turns out lol).

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (petite) - Pumps and Pushups

It's not secret there's a sale at Nordstrom (see Lisa's post Wednesday!) and, if you know me, you also know I'm kind of a shortie... not that short, but I can definitely handle shopping in the petite section. So I was super excited to see that Brooke was sharing some of her goregous and petite-friendly picks!

This girl has GREAT taste and the tops she's picked are so so pretty!

Basil Chicken Pasta Salad - Doused in Pink

I don't think this requires me to say much because, well, just look at the picture. Summer and pasta salad just go hand-in-hand and this salad Jill posted look seriously delish!! The catch, you'll have to head on over to her blog, Doused in Pink, to get all the details to make this yourself!!

Alright - I could keep going but, if we're being honest (which I usually am), I'm exhausted and need some sleep!

Link up posts your loving this week or your own posts sharing things you love!




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