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July 05, 2017, by Sarah

Welcome back friends! Sarah here from Foxy's Domestic Side, here to show you my 4th of July outfit.

These could be my favorites shorts ever, and you know what's the saddest thing? Each time I wash it, it frays just a little bit more, eventually they are going to be too short and I'll need to get rid of them, sigh. But until then, I'll keep rocking it and pretend that they are not getting shorter.

I decided to go with a simple side ponytail, gets the hair out of the way of the heat and looks nice. Click here to hop on over to my blog to see where I got this shirt.

And what's 4th of July without some fun jumping shots?

Hope those of you here in the U.S. had a fun and safe holiday, fingers crossed you took Wednesday off like I did, there was no way I was going to drive 100 miles after the fireworks show and then get up at 4am...might as well take the day off right?

Last week our most clicked posts were:

Lisa from Daily Style Finds shows us some cute options she found at The Loft, I haven't been there in a while, but I am thinking that needs to change STAT.

Rosemary from Distinctly Southern Style shows us how she styles her shirt dress for woman over 50. If I look that good at 50 I'll consider that a win!

Fitting that Becky from BYBMG is also a top clicked link as her outfit showcases her 4th of July outfit. It's a perfect mix of red, white and blue!

Thank you for continuing to make this link up successful! 




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