The Blended Blog Loves - August 4th

August 04, 2017, by Nicole

Hello! I’m Nicole from Nick & Nicole plus 4, and I’m sharing some things I've been loving this week!  Not all blog related, which is fine, because it’s my blog post. Ha!

1.       I was jealous of everyone Nordstrom Picks this week on the Monday blog hop!

2.      My Fave new TV show – Ozarks.  Please please, watch this now. Seriously. It’s one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. It’s new to Netflix and Jason Bateman is amazing in it. Actually the entire cast is amazing. Watch it, and then tell me about it. If you already binged it like I did please tell me all your thoughts. What fun is watching a show without talking about it? None at all.

3.       My Fave Meme this week (it's my life in meme form)

4.       Favourite food – Speaking of which, if you read the meme above and thought "same"  and live near Barrie Ontario - CHECK OUT THIS ICE CREAM PLACE

5.       Last but not least, my fave kid this week (Just kidding I don’t pick fave children) is turning 18 today. Can you believe I have an 18 year old?? SIGH this isn't linking up to anything specific, I just couldn't post on her birthday without mentioning her. Love you kid!




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