The Blended Blog Style Link Up 9: yellow stripes

August 02, 2017, by Deena @Shoes to Shiraz

Hey Fashion Friends!  Deena from Shoes to Shiraz here today and I'm sharing my favourite purchase from my trip to London a couple months ago.

Sorry- daughter had to play along...her dress is super cute too, I just got it for her on Hautelook. Gotta love a Kate Spade dress for cheap.  Also- it has pockets.

The night I wore this shirt out, the very first comment I got from my friends was - did you get that in London?  I guess they can spot something unique.

Other things that are unique? Me. Man, it is so hard to take yourself seriously when you're staging photoshoots in your back yard and the kids are running around like maniacs. 

Also- let's just get real life here and you can see what I was trying to crop bell sleeve needs to be a bit bigger to hide the random hitch sitting on my flower bed and the dustpan. 


I still like the shirt.  Also, these jeggings from Express are the comfiest things ever.

I couldn't find the actual shirt I got but I found some similar pieces as well as the Express ripped denim....these are all affiliate links and your clicks help support my shopping habits:

Speaking of clicks, link up a couple fashion posts with us today and check out what the other bloggers are featuring!

Our top clicked link last week was the always fabulous, KellyAnn from This Blonde's Shopping Bag 




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