The Blended Blog Style Linkup #10

August 09, 2017, by Nicole

Well hello there! It's Nicole from Nick & Nicole + 4, and I'm sharing my latest dress purchase from Reitmans (Canadian store for you US folk!) 

I've recently been put on a shopping ban by my co-workers, as I've purchased about 15 dresses this summer. I'm not joking. Most of them from this store, but this is a new fave. It does ship to the US, and your dollar is better than ours so it's basically free for you to own this dress, so you should buy it too! If I can't spend my money, I'll spend yours no problem.

I also ordered these super cute earrings to try and bump up my order to free shipping. I may have also ordered 4  other pairs of earrings because I'm wearing a ton of since I shaved half of my head (hard to tell from the photo, but yes - I got a side shave to make myself feel hip and cool).

And how cute are the bell sleeves? Reminds me of Deena's yellow shirt from last week!

Speaking of last week - look who was the top click again! KellyAnn !

What are you wearing this week?




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