Friday Loves: link up

September 08, 2017, by Deena @Shoes to Shiraz

Deena here from Shoes to Shiraz for our Friday Link Up.

I will be honest with you- I didn't read anything notable the internets this week- in fact, I barely recall reading anything...I guess the first week of school consumed me.  So I'm going to go rogue for our traditional Friday Loves post.....

...and instead of showing you what I read on my wanderings, I'll share with you some of my faves from the link ups we host each week- because I did start reading those.  

First up was our Monthly TBBASKS post- we had 40 some people sharing and I have only got through about 1/ plan is to read the rest this weekend.  But one that stuck out to me was Ashley from American Honey because she's a Texan and to be honest there is such a huge distance and difference between our worlds, that I love reading someone's perspective that grew up in a world far from mine.

Second up is our Tuesday link up: Tasty Tuesday where we focus on food.  I seriously kept coming back to this post by Sparkles and Lattes because Oh my, it looks delicious and I have never seen anything like it!  Sweet Potato Nachos, yes please.

On Wednesdays we talk fashion and get some awesome links...but my eyes were drawn to Jaymie's post who is also a faithful linkerupper....I am ready to ditch my colours and pull out my monochromatic stuff and this post just made me start thinking about how to transition to my fall wardrobe: 

That's it, that's all- I hope you have a great weekend. Share your favourite posts with us today!