Tasty Tuesday Link Up: Back to School

September 05, 2017, by Deena @Shoes to Shiraz

Hey guys,  it's Deena from Shoes to Shiraz and I'm talking the dreaded back to school lunches today.  Gotta have some fun on the first day back (well for us, anyway).  You can hop over to my blog if you like to see the high quality literature (is a poem literature?) that I composed for the occasion over here. 

If not, I thought I'd share the best tips I have picked up and what has worked for our little family over the course of 700+ lunches I've made so far.  

First off what is working best for us right now is the following:

1- Kids pick what they want in their lunch on the weekend. (Tips: one protein, one dairy, one veggie, one fruit and one treat)
2- I get all the groceries on the weekend (Tip: by myself- grocery shopping is hated by my kids and quality quiet time for me)
3- Sunday I pre-prep everything that can be prepped so we just have to assemble lunches the night before (Tip: this also helps me make good decisions during the week. Easier to grab a bag of carrots when they're chopped and ready for me)
4- Kids have picked what they wanted and therefore can assemble the lunches the night before. (Tip: monitor what they've put in there because somehow "treat" means 8 chocolate bars..)
5- Rinse, lather, repeat!
My cut up snack shelf...all prepped for the week.  Their choices were cucumbers, peppers, watermelon, apples and yogurt.

Lucia and Willis' lunches for this week- I make sure there is enough that they have something for after school because I swear they could eat an entire meal at 3:30.

It's easy to get sick of making lunchs, but as long as I have different ideas and the kids are willing to put them together the night before, then it is less tedious of a job.  Here are a couple go-tos in our house:

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