TBB Talks: School Pictures

September 18, 2017, by Christy

Keeping with our back to school theme for September... today we are talking school pictures.  You know, the ones we look back on and wonder what the heck our Moms were thinking when they chose that outfit for us?  Yes, those ones.  

Those same ones that I buy for my own kids year after year and put them into an outfit that they'd never wear any other day of the year.  I am setting them up for the same dread I had when I re-discovered my own school pictures while preparing for this post!

At least we aren't alone, even celebrities have bad school pictures.  Sadly for them, they are now readily available on the internet for all to see.  See any familiar faces?

Pop over to my blog if you are wondering who these hotties are! Then see what Dee has to say about her school photos.

Link up below and show us your best, worst, and most embarrassing school photos.  Especially the embarrassing one.  I know you have them!

Then, come back next week to find out what others were eating for school lunches.