Friday Loves Link Up

October 27, 2017, by Sarah

Hello!!  Sarah from Foxy's Domestic Side here today. Happy Friday. Anyone else feel like this week DRAGGED? But good news, today is Friday! Woo hoo! So let's get started!

A link up that has becoming quite popular over the last few months, it's the TBB Asks, where we ask you questions and you answer, so simple for a Monday morning post. Here are the questions for Monday November 6th!

Here are the question prompts for all the Monday's in November too, it's all about being Thankful. Hope to see all of you there!

Pinky from Pinkpersistence wrote about putting down the bricks. Where the grudges we hold are like holding bricks at the bottom of a pool and how the more "bricks" we are hold the harder it get to swim up to the surface for air. So true. While easier said then done, we should all do this. Go check out her full thoughts, much better stated than me...of course.


Justine from Little Dove had a really cool, super simple (and a video) tutorial of how to do a quick zombie make up look. Super cool and boy does it look real! Plus go read her real life horror story that could have been while traveling with 4 kids!

Share some of your favorite blog post from the week and go give these ladies some love and tell them I sent ya!