Fashion, Food, Fitness and Friendship Goals

January 29, 2018, by Katie {The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life}

Good Monday Morning Ya'll!!  It's Katie from the Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life.  Excited to be back on TBB today!  It's our last Winter Link up for Mondays in January. And today were talking GOALS!  Specifically Fashion, Food, Fitness, and Friendship Goals!!

I've always been a better goal-setter than I am a resolution keeper, so I'm thrilled to be leading off today's link up and can't wait to read all the posts!!

As far as my fashion goals for the year, I really need to save money, so I'm not buying anything new right now.  I honestly just need to wear what's in my closet.  It's funny that I go through it from time to time and there are so many things I don't wear, or forget I have, or even worse, that still have tags on them!!  So my goal is to wear what's in my closet!!

I'm not one to post often during our food link ups because, quite honestly, I don't enjoy cooking all that much.  I eat out more than I cook at home.  Sure, I do the meal deliveries kits and have cooked, but I just think it's not really for me.  And, I'm only one person, so I feel like all that work is not warranted.  Half the time, by the time I finish doing all that work cooking, I don't even feel like eating the thing.  But I do realize that I have to eat better for myself and going along with my saving money goal, I have to eat out less!
The last meal I actually cooked!  

As far as my fitness goals go, I only have one, and it's the same as every year!  To actually be MORE ACTIVE!!  To just get out there and DO!!  January is a tough month, it's cold and dark so early! I don't do anything!  I joke that it's my hibernation period.  And it seriously is.  I have no motivation to do anything!  I'm in bed super early every night reading my book and sometimes falling asleep before nine.  I feel like so many other people are on the other end of the spectrum at the start of a new year.  They're out there working out, running, joining gyms and starting new diets to delete holiday pounds.  I just need a little of that motivation...But maybe I can wait til Spring?!?

Often times Life gets in the way and doesn't leave much time for friends.  Friendships, just like anything else in life, have to be worked on and cultivated.  Just like I schedule daily tasks I've begun scheduling time with friends.  Monthly Happy Hours with friends, Monthly dinners with the girls, what we like to call faculty field trips with work friends, game nights, etc. And always when we're together, we schedule the next one and put it in our calendars so that we have it, it's a date and not to much time goes by before the next one.  How many times have you said, "Let's get together soon!"  and then never done it?   Scheduling helps with that!

Thanks for letting my share with you today!!  Link up and share your fashion, food, fitness and friendships goals with us!

And do forget about all the fun that's on tap for the rest of the week!




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