Food Goals- TBBEATS LinkUp

February 20, 2018, by Deena @Shoes to Shiraz

Deena from Shoes to Shiraz here.  Winter for me is a time to try new things in the kitchen and sadly, I haven't been too successful this wintertide, mostly just being lazy and partly being uninspired. 
BUT, I did accomplish something this Family Day weekend- I finally attempted to make Clotted Cream.
When we had visited London last year, I couldn't get enough of it- especially the cute little travel sizes you got on the plane.  I loved having tea and smothering my scones with the delicious cream.  Sadly, you can't get it here- but you can make it!

I'm an idiot though and didn't read the recipe before I started- turns out it takes 3 days to you get a picture of it cooking (it has to be in the oven for 12 hours!) and I won't be ready for 2 more days----I'll definitely be posting the results on Instagram when its done.

Link up your food recipes with us today!