Role Models

February 19, 2018, by Sheila DelCharco

Happy Monday, Readers!

We are continuing the Monday themed posts and today we are talking about role models we've had in our lives.

As I was reflecting on today's topic, I came up with so many role models I've had over the years (the obvious ones being my parents), but I'm only going to focus on one today.

There was a couple who used to attend our church. Lets call them the Priests. They are about 10 years older than we are and have two daughters who are several years older than our children. I remember the first time I looked to them for how they would handle a difficult situation was when their first-born started driving. I remember shaking my head in amazement, wondering HOW Karen could let her daughter drive off on her own? At this point my son was maybe 12 and 16 seemed so far away! When I asked her about it, she explained that Blair was ready. She had learned how to drive and it was time for her to be driving. So when the time came (two blinks later) for my son to drive off by himself for the first time (from the DMV office!), I remembered my friend's words and I was able to let him go.

Two more blinks later and this friend's daughter was going off to college - OUT OF STATE! Again, I marveled at Karen's ability to let her daughter go SO FAR AWAY from home! She again explained that it was the right thing, it was TIME for her to go off to college. She was sad, yes, but she did not wallow in her sadness. So again, when it was time to drop Tommy off at the University of Florida, I thought of this friend's wise words and found the strength to let him go.

With each subsequent child, it became easier to let them enter the new stage in life. Our oldest had broken us in, but it was really our friends' example who gave us the courage to let our kids grow up. Their kids did great and we trusted that ours would too!

We danced at Blair's beautiful wedding several years ago now, and although I don't have any future daughters-in-law on the horizon any time soon, when the time comes, I hope I will be able to welcome her with open arms just as our friends have welcomed their son-in-law.

For years we would look to the Priests to see how they would handle those difficult stages in life. I am sorry they are no longer at our church and I rarely see them any more except on social media. I valued their friendship and the wisdom they willingly shared with us. I highly recommend you younger mamas to make friends with an older couple that you admire to use as role models for yourselves. Ask them questions so you do not navigate these tricky areas alone!

Who are role models in your life? I'd love it if you shared in the comments! Also link up with us if you have a similar-themed post!