What Love Looks Like

February 12, 2018, by Carrie

Happy Monday, friends! I hope this day finds you well. I'm so glad you're here today. 
This is Carrie from A Stylish Fit. Since the month of February is all about love, our topic is 
What Love Looks Like. In some ways we have different ideas of what love is and what it 
looks like so my ideas are not the end all but instead a beginning. Hope to hear your thoughts
 in the comments.

 What love looks like to me? Well, I throw the word love around for all sorts of things. 
Can you relate to this:

**snow days
And the list goes on and on. Have you thought about how many times a day the word love drops from your lips? If you’re like me then it does fall out of your mouth multiple times a day referring to a variety of things. But what do I really love? That little list above are things that I enjoy but love for me is reserved for my best things, like people.

What does love look like to me? Love is an outward expression of an inner feeling and choice. When I choose to love it encompasses several aspects. Even though I’m sharing a short list there are more that I’m not sharing.

Selfless ~ It is a choice to love someone or anyone. Within that choice, many times a little death occurs. What I mean by that is this: Sometimes in order to love well someone has to give up something in the best interest of the other person or relationship. Love is willing to do this even though it may be hard.
Question: How have you had to be selfless in order to build love or relationship with some?

Serving ~ No one really want to be a servant, right? I for one will raise my hand on this. Serving is not really part of my love language but I must remember some people feel loved when I do things for them. Acts of service is not something I like to do but I like to receive. If you’re a mama, you know how deeply you love your children, right?! You serve them everyday in ways that just are a normal part of motherhood.
Question: How do you serve your children on daily basis? How do they serve you?

Time ~ It’s true. Love is spelled T.I.M.E. We all know it. Our kids know it and well as our spouses.  I’m even suggesting that we know we love ourselves by the time we spend developing ourselves. Sometimes the best way to love others is to first spend some girl time or alone time to get the brain and heart in the right frame of mind.
Questions: How do your loved ones respond when they haven’t had enough of your time? How do you respond when you have had enough time to yourself?

Empathy ~ Loving someone means you are willing to help carry their burdens and feel their pain. I’ll never forget a day when I received some horrible news. I called one of my friends who quickly appeared at my door. We sat on the couch and wept together. It was a beautiful moment to have someone enter into your pain and carry it with you.
Question: How have carried the burdens of someone you love?

Hope ~ Love is hopeful. It believes and anticipates good for another. Hope maybe a feeling or expectation but it is grounded in goodness. Love displays itself in hope for others. I think we all like to hope for the best and prepare {if possible} for the worst.
Question: What are your current hopes for those you love dearly?

I hope your days are filled with loving others and being loved! 

~ Carrie