TBB Style: Spring Transitions

March 28, 2018, by Whitney

Happy Spring, y'all!  Does it actually feel like spring in your neck of the woods?  It's still pretty chilly over here but I'm so ready to dress for the new season!  That's why I've compiled a list of tips about dressing for spring while it still feels like winter.  I'll share three of these tips here and the other three over at my blog, Whitney à la mode.

Start with Shoes

In Michigan, our bare ankles barely get to see the light of day from November through March as snow boots are required for most outings.  What I most look forward to as the snow melts, is breaking-out all of my fun flats!  Even though you might still need to wear pants, layers and gloves, adding a new (or beloved from last spring) pair of cute shoes to the mix will make refresh your style outlook.  Here are few pairs that I'm thinking about adding to my closet!

Wear a Pop of Lipstick

Still feeling wary of cold ankles?  A great way to brighten-up your look while you're piled under heavy layers is to wear a fun, bright lip color!  I bet it will make you feel more polished and put-together, too!  Clinique's Chubby Stick in Grandest Grape is one of my go-to lip colors.  Here are a few other Chubby Sticks that will add that pop of color you're looking for!

Reach for the Pastels or Brights

It doesn't matter whether you're wearing a chunky sweater or a tank top, you can choose the color!  Something as simple as wearing brighter and lighter colors can help you to feel like spring is coming.  It seems like common sense, but I get so many compliments when I break-out my brights this time of year.  We get so used to living in gloom that we forget that color exists!  Check-out my picks for pretty pastels!

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