Dear TBB: Hair Products and Make-up Routines

April 19, 2018, by Carrie

Hey, friends! Here we are with the third week of our fun new series, Ask TBB. It's like girlfriend time only it's not exactly face to face. Regardless, grab your coffee or wine and let's talk. We have a couple of questions this week and a lovely panel to respond. 

This week our panel includes:

Whitney Whitney 'a la mode

 Meet Whitney

Sarah Foxy's Domestic Side

Katie The Mishaps and Mayhem of Solitary Life

Carrie A Stylish Fit

Here goes girlfriends: 

I'm looking for some new hair care products. What brands do you recommend? 

Whitney: I have been loving Hask shampoos and conditioners lately! First of all, they are super affordable at only $5.99 per bottle. And they smell so good (I don't know about you but this is my primary criteria for good hair products). I'm currently loving the Coconut Milk line for curly hair and I use the Monoi Coconut Oil Nourishing line when I do loose waves. Since I have naturally curly (read dry and frizzy) hair, I find the Hask products to be really moisturizing and good for my hair.

Sarah: OH my gosh, I could go on and on about it, actually I have, here is a post I did about my favorite hair products.  But lately I have been loving the Herbal Essence Bio Shampoo (affiliate) and Conditioner (affiliate). I just tried this hair mask (affiliate) on Tuesday and it's pretty amazing. I hadn't been able to find a hair mask yet, and i think this might be my new go to.

Really my one recommendation, besides what I have suggested is to find what works for your hair. For example I bought this one shampoo and conditioner and when I try to use it in conjunction with my dry shampoo, I can barely get 2 days without washing my hair. But if I use the Herbal Essence I can go 4-5 days without washing. It's trial and error depending on your hair. 

Katie: My super simple straight hair doesn't get much done to it each day.  And actually for the last couple of years, I haven't been washing my hair every day, which I know is much better for it. Because of this, my stash of hair products has grown, to a few products I really love and use faithfully.   On day one , when I wash, dry and straighten my hair, I use Haute Iron Spray by Catwalk to protect it before straightening.  I love it, it really protects my hair from the heat damage and smells, amazing!  It's pretty expensive but lasts a while and is so worth it.  On day 3 and, if I can squeak out a fourth, of no washing, I use Batiste Dry Shampoo in blond.  After I spray and fluff I also throw the blow dryer on my hair for a hot second and I'm done.

Carrie: I have been using Monat and I really like how it has helped repair my damaged hair. As I age, my hair grows much slower and is so much drier. Monat has brought my hair back to a great condition and it's growing too. It's a little pricey though. I'm thinking about trying these products from Target. They should arrive in my Target Beauty Box in a couple of days so I'm excited to try them. By the way, I tend to switch products and have never really stayed with one line for very long. 

I have a short amount of time to “get ready” in the morning so my makeup routine needs to be fast, what should my routine include?

Whitney: Even though I like to play with make-up, my daily routine is really minimal. I start by washing my face and applying moisturizer. Then I use a little bit of this stuff under my eyes and on my eyelids to even-out my skin tone and act as a primer. From there, I apply a neutral eyeshadow, some brown eyeliner and mascara! I don't really have go-tos for these products, just whatever I have on hand at the time. If I'm feeling particular energetic, I'll wear lip color. My favorite lately have been from Lip Sense!

Sarah: You don't need to tell me about a short amount of time. I wake up at 3:15am, and need ALL the extra sleep I can get. I typically do concealer (cover those dark circles!) and I do a powder foundation, instead of a foundation. I'm looking to smooth out my skin tone, don't need a heavy liquid foundation for that. Then I do blush and bronzer. In my ideal world I would do some fake lashes (cause mine or none existent and mascara doesn't really work on me), some eyebrow stuff and lipstick, no need for eye shadow for everyday. But I work with a bunch of engineers and my goal is to not scare people with my dark circles. 

Katie: I am the queen of procrastination, so in the morning, it always seems I'm rushing around. So I have perfected my makeup routine to be five minutes!!  Washing my face and doing my Rodan+Fields routine in the morning probably takes longer.  But once I put my a.m. cream on, my face is ready for make up!  Concealer (if needed) goes on first.  Then my foundation, blush, mascara, eyeliner, a little bronzer and I'm good to go.  I am currently using Beauty Counter Flawless in Five products and I really is five minutes!  On school days, bring my coffee to work and drink it there, so I forgo anything on my lips until right before the kids come.  And that's just a quick swipe of a very neutral gloss. I save the Lipsense for after school and on the weekends!  I am the queen of simple and easy.

Carrie: I guess I treat makeup like I do my hair care...I shop around and try different lines but I've mainly used Beautycounter for my skincare for almost a year now. I love their committment to remove toxins and lobby the government on our behalf to ban the bad stuff and label truthfully. I try to keep my makeup routine quick but I always use concealer, foundation, eye shadow and/or eye line, mascara, eyebrow color and a pinch of blush and of course lipstick or should I say LipSense. Some of the products I use I don't really love but I do love this stuff for brows. For shadows and mascara, I gravitate to Urban Decay. One day I'll find my true love in all my makeup.